What ? When ? Why ?

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What Is It ?

It is a sort of John Peel Day, but with this one it isn’t about artists who performed – it’s for those who listened…

Peel’s Big 75

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John Peel raise a glass

Before the October events this:

August 30th would have been John Peel’s 75th birthday. There will be a charity fundraiser in Liverpool on Friday Aug 29th and we’ll raise a glass at midnight…

John Peel: 10 Years Gone…

In news on March 18, 2014 at 10:15 pm
A decade since Peel left us – Decades of memories he left us.

John Peel

This year is a significant one because it will be 10 years since we lost the great man, so for this sad anniversary we should make sure that like all the previous #keepingitpeel days it will be one that commemorates and celebrates the memory of John Peel.


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