What ? When ? Why ?

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What Is It ?

It is a sort of John Peel Day, but with this one it isn’t about artists who performed – it’s for those who listened…

When Is It ?

Every year on October 25th, the day we lost the great man.

Why Do It ?

To honour his memory and legacy.

The genesis of this idea came about when I read a post by Teenage Kicks ( which commemorated what would have been John Peel’s 71st birthday.

It was this coupled with something that The Vinyl Villian had done which inspired me to create a in which we all commemorate and remember the legendary DJ.

How Can I Get Involved ?

By posting something, anything… which is Peel related.
If you have a blog or a Twitter account then post a Peel Session track from your favourite artist and label it #keepingitpeel

If you are on Facebook you can join in too: Post a YouTube video of a Peel Session track.

Who Is Taking Part ?

The author – Webbie @ Football and Music, as well as…

… everybody.
Take a look at who contributed last year
And the year before

» If you are taking part, with your blog or with tumblr or twitter, or anything – then leave a comment or drop Webbie a line. We’ll add you to the list and give a mention on Twitter and on this website, of your contribution.

Don’t Forget…

#keepingitpeel – 25TH OCTOBER 2013

  1. I will be taking part mate.
    My Facebook Peel page is here:!/group.php?gid=232311160588

    And my public blog is at:

    Both will feature session tracks like they usually do ;)

  2. BTW gracious thx for exchanging links bud. ;)

  3. #kip2. Woo-hoo! Count me in, and thanks for your words of encouragement. FItP will continue for the forseeable.

  4. [...] Will you be taking part ? More details HERE. [...]

  5. Yep! Also organising another Peel night in Brighton on Oct 29th ….

  6. I’ll be trying my best, won’t be at home then – anyone know of anything happening in the North East on the day itself?

  7. [...] more important than ever for all of us – those who listened – to be #keepingitpeel on October 25th. The events might drop off, but the #keepingitpeel day on October 25th never [...]

  8. I will take part again but unfortunately don’t have the time to spend that I did on last year so it will only be the one post on the 25th.

  9. I’m in. Now I need to start thinking.

  10. Will be posting Peel on the 25th on my new vinyl blog:

  11. I got ‘Rescue’ by The Bunnymen all ready to go on mine

  12. Hope to have another bash at blogging this year if I can find the time!

    Great idea… hope it’s even bigger & better than last year!


  13. I’m in – something’s ready and waiting to appear tomorrow.

  14. As a teenager listening to John Peel in the seventies,he played a huge part in my musical education.Every show was an education and a great pleasure.

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  16. hello, we’re an indonesian indiepop radio program called Outerbeat. you can check our web here or twitter

    we’ll playin some songs from Peel Session on October 26th 2011, at 8 PM (gmt+7). you also can stream it on internet! just mention us on twitter if u have any news ;)

  17. Plain Or Pan is in and on-board! Classic Ride session for your aural pleasure…

  18. Definitely on board – Peel had a huge impact on my musical taste! Here’s my blog post:

  19. [...] And please, if you are a blogger or have a twitter of facebook account, do something special Peel-related on 25 October. The website tells you how to go about it. [...]

  20. I stumbled upon this just yesterday…and I’m so glad. Oct. 25 is some way off yet but I will remember

  21. [...] we have #KeepingItPeel on October 25th, there are the John Peel Day gigs: These are live shows which feature performances [...]

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  23. [...] more about #keepingitpeel here. But part of the ask is posting something Peel related. This year, I’m going for Locust, who [...]

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