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And so… once again… for those who listened, we are:


If you haven’t heard of this before… have a read here.

For those of you who are lazy:
Today (October 25th) is the date in which the legendary DJ John Peel departed this earth and left a hole never to be filled. To commemorate his passing and to celebrate his life all the people that used to listen to his shows post their tributes. How they do this is simple – if you are on Twitter post something…anything John Peel related and add the hashtag: #keepingitpeel

The same goes with Facebook who I hear are also using hashtags now. If you are a blogger, post your memories and your favourite Peel Session track(s). Simple as that.

» There are John Peel Day/Night live events going on throughout the month of October, but the aim of #keepingitpeel is for the audience, for those who listened…

» We’ll be posting live updates of every #keepingitpeel mention. If you spot something out in the wild that isn’t on here yet Tweet us @keepingitpeel or use the contact form or post a comment below:


BCB 106.6fm in Bradford will be broadcasting a 5 hour live Peel tribute on the night 25th Oct from 10pm-3am. Details to be confirmed. Outside Bradford are you can listen at

Friday Oct 25th Cowbell Radio will have presenters all day giving a special tribute to the great John Peel. Right through the day and night they’ll have presenters playing the tracks that Peel loved and the tracks they feel he would have loved.
In Memory Of John Peel online radio show has 6 hours 6 hours of special programming for #keepingitpeel on Friday 25th October.


Billy Bragg
A special edition of the #keepingitpeel podcast series, this one featuring Billy Bragg. Well mostly… As you will see and hear below a few of the clips involve the Bard of Barking because of a John Peel mention. Some highlights include Billy covering the Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come, as well as a live performance of It Says Here.
There’s also an excerpt from an interview/chat that Billy had with Mary Anne Hobbs where he tells a story about him and John – but this one isn’t about the mushroom biryani.
The final track isn’t from a Peel show but a track from a free CD given away with Mojo magazine. It features Johnny Marr on guitar and Billy doing a different rendition of another very famous classic song.


1. (Grinderswitch intro)
2. The Busy Girl Buys Beauty (5th July 1983 – not his first appearance but 2nd play?)
3. A New England (Number 7 in the 1983 Festive Fifty)
“All for the price of a mushroom biryani. Quite extraordinary.”
4. (Broadcast 15th December 1999 was the: (Peelenium 1985)
    a) Jesus & Mary Chain – Never Understand
    b) Billy Bragg – Between The Wars
“An alternative national anthem, as far as I’m concerned. I should love to be able to stand up somewhere and sing that, if I could remember all of the words.”
5. A Change Is Going To Come (8th July 1987 – recorded live in Germany, from a magazine 6 track EP)
6. It Says Here (Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall – broadcast 9th December 1999)
7. (Billy Bragg talks to Mary Anne Hobbs about John Peel – and it’s not the biryani story). [Link to full interview]
8. (Walters Weekly – John talks about buying his first records including Lonnie Donegan)
9. Lonnie Donegan – Rock Island Line
10. A Northern Industrial Town (29th December 1995 – Number 37)
11. (Live at Peel Acres:
    a) King Tubby – Dub Ites Green And Gold
Some chat with Billy and then:
    b) Billy Bragg and the Blokes – All You Fascists Bound To Lose (live)
12. Squirrels – Oz On 45 (BFBS – 22nd October 1995)
13. Art Attacks – I Am A Dalek (Peel Acres – 22nd December 1996, song dedicated to Stuart Pearce)
14. (John chatting to Billy about football and Stuart Pearce – and then:
    a) Goal Hanger
in between John tells Billy about the Golinski Brothers – Bloody [Link to video]
    b) Levi Stubbs Tears
15. Billy Bragg with Johnny Marr – Walk Away Renee (not from a Peel show, but from a free CD given away with Mojo Magazine)


[58.49 mins/file size is 53.8MB]


Planet Mondo be doing something a bit different – a self invented formula that’s a Peel Band Name Generator via his website:
There’s also the Twitter account: @FoundPeelBands which does at it says on the tin.

He may also post a couple of Peel-Session-only Damned rarities (covers only available/recorded for the Peel show)…

- -

Plain Or Pan will once again be Keeping It Peel and they’ve be featuring a brilliant Roxy Music session:

- -

Over on the other side of the world, Thailand to be exact – Dale who runs the Chonburi FC website is #keepingitpeel with mentions of The Clash, Stereophonics and The Buzzcocks and their live appearances in Bangkok, Thailand.

- -

We Love All That is #keepingitpeel 9 years on with Boards of Canada in session

- -

Turn Left At The Womble talks about How a 48 year-old Dad survived his first time at Glastonbury

- -

Another Kind Of Mind‘Teenage dreams/So hard to beat’: #KeepingItPeel 2013

- -

StevoMusicMan is #keepingitpeel with John Peel on Desert Island Discs

- -

Nirgunapa is commemorating John Peel Day

- -

Do Not Mention The War is Looking at Calexico, a band that became popular in Germany through the Peel Sessions.

- -

Brian who runs Linear Tracking Lives! asked Phil Wilson of the June Brides for a word on John Peel – and here he is (with a June Brides Peel Session track as well)

- -

Dave Simpson article in The Quietus: John Peel Remembered, By Orbital, Pulp, The Fall & More.

- -

Drew from Across The Kitchen Table is #keepingitpeel with a Plastikman Peel Session.

- -

Swiss Adam at Bagging Area is #keepingitpeel with Sonic Youth covering The Fall and a Peel Session track from Fluke

- -

Fredorrarci, who you can find hanging out at The Classical these days, has a Keeping It Peel SIATVS podcast (tracklisting details here).

- -

The blog: A few good times in my life is remembering John Peel today with a song by Phobos.

- -

Spools Paradise talks about a band he discovered because of John Peel: The Natural Ites.

- -

The Ghost Of Electricity is #keepingitpeel with their regular Friday reggae spot featuring Steel Pulse

- -

Dirk from Sexy Loser has posted some old John Peel BFBS tapes. Great song selections as usual.

- -

Gypsy Death And You has some John Peel recollections as well as The Jesus and Mary Chain and Cat Power

- -

Really Lost In Vinyl (on Twitter @LostInVinyl) remembers when he used to see John Peel in the flesh.

- -

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