The Countdown Has Already Begun

Less than a week to #keepingitpeel (or “take a drink every time somebody posts a track by The Fall” as I’ve subtitled it) and I’ve seen many posts from people who will be taking part on Monday October 25th

As the title says though the countdown has started with Drew from Across The Kitchen Table who began last Saturday and will continue until the big one on Monday.

– Piley from Start The Revolution Without Me has recorded a special ‘Peely’ version of their Podrophenia Podcast. Keep a look out for it on Monday.

– There’s another podcast: From Inside The Pod run by The Robster, who hopes to have something out on Monday.

Planet Mondo has something planned…

– Dirk from Sexyloser is taking part…

Manic Pop Thrills is also in with a plan for the 25th…

Acid Ted, who I’m very happy to see writing again will be taking part and he’ll be #keepingitpeel all week beginning October 25th…

– And it goes without saying that JC from The Vinyl Villain, whose idea I stole for this event, is going to be posting The Fall some Peel Session tracks on Monday 25th October…

These are a few mentions, but there are many more. Check the list of participants below.

» If you are taking part then drop me a line via webbie [at] (my day job, will also be posting something there with a tenuous F&M connection).

I’ll be live blogging here on #keepingitpeel on the day and will update every time I spot a #keepingitpeel mention on twitter or facebook. Plus of course post a link to anybody posting a Peel Session track…

3 thoughts on “The Countdown Has Already Begun

  1. Thanks for organising Webbie – I’ve got a few ideas for our next year’s Peelcast:session only tunes, live tracks and also records bought after hearing them on the Peel show…

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