#keepingitpeel Updates

John Peel drawing by Lee Thacker
The above illustration by Lee Thacker – find out more information about his book here.

Today, the 25th of October we will be Keeping It Peel.

I hope you’ll be #keepingitpeel too.
All you have to do is post a Peel Session track on Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or Blogger or WordPress or anywhere…. in rememberance of John Peel, who left us on this day 6 years ago…

– Some people have already been #keepingitpeel

PODCASTS. Some podcasts already recorded and posted:

– Starting with Cafe Calcio, which is a weekly radio show which goes out on Resonance FM (every Friday night, repeated Saturday afternoon). They very kindly gave a mention about #keepingitpeel on their latest podcast (of their show) and posted a Peel Session track by Boards of Canada.

– There’s a podcaster Zaph Mann who does a regular weekly show called In Memory Of John Peel and is broadcasting a special edition via Radio23 just for #keepingitpeel today. Find more info here.

– A couple of weeks ago Adge did an excllent Tribute to John Peel show.

PEEL WORLDWIDE Proof that the influence of John Peel is far, far reaching…

– Over in South Korea there’s another Brit expat, Steve who has posted Peel Sessions on Teenage Kicks from The Pop Group. No really, that was their name.
But wait there’s more… Not only that but Steve is the guy behind the fantastic John Peel Wiki.

– There’s another British expat (I think) over in Thailand who looks after the Chonburi FC club website. He has spent an amout of time putting together some great content. What he’s posted is…*takes breath*
How To Hug A Shark (A BBC wildlife documentary narrated by John Peel), Ivor Cutler – Sharks (Scottish poet Ivor Cutler reads his poem “Sharks”.), Sek Loso – Pantip (Thai rock legend Sek Loso with his hit from a few years back, “Pantip”.), The Undertones – Teenage Kicks (needs no introduction), The Fall – Kicker Conspiracy (John’s favourite band with a song about football.) … and loads loads more.
» You can read everything he’s done here.

– Sprachzentrum over in Germany is #keepingitpeel.

– The author K.A Laity who is in New York has found and posted a odd Peel Session song by The Fall (actually it’s The Fall, how can we tell…) which you can read here.

– Spontis.de is #keepingitpeel in Germany – you can find a Peel Session from Joy Division here.

– Mike at Spool Going Round in Chicago is #keepingitpeel today with a mixtape of loads of Peel Sessions – have a listen in here.

BACK IN BLIGHTY Some people in the UK who have already got something published…

We Love All That was early out of the blocks and has posted a great JP picture as well as a Peel Session from Die Toten Hosen.

– There’s a post by Kerry McCarthy who is the Labour MP for Bristol East (yes everybody is getting involved), and she’s posted a New Order Peel Session song. Oh and one more thing about Kerry – she is vegan. (Remember that John Peel was a vegetarian). Additionally another one of my (Webbie) jobs is running the ScouseVeg website.

– As mentioned in a previous posting Drew from Across The Kitchen Table was doing a countdown to #keepingitpeel

– Finally (for now) there’s my day job over at Football and Music where I’ve posted various Peel Session tracks… yes from The Fall and Half Man Half Biscuit… so predictable…

That’s all for now, as I said I’ll resume about mid-afternoon UK time with details of more people #keepingitpeel

… which is slowly taking over Twitter.

– If you are #keepingitpeel then use that hashtag on twitter or facebook or wherever. And if you are taking part either leave a comment below or drop me a line via webbie [at] footballandmusic.co.uk and I will add your contribution to this list above.

Back again. 10am Eastern USA time and bloody hell would you look at that… #keepingitpeel is top trending in the UK…

…Woke up at 3am, checked my emails and there were 160 new messages… Left my email open now and there’s a new one popping in every minute. It’s at 208 as we speak…

– I’ll be posted some selected highlights from Twitter, for now though I’ll be going through the hundreds of blogs that are #keepingitpeel today and will post details below…

BLOGS. Listing all the people who have posted a Peel Session:

– A View From The Blackthorn End (which is about Bristol Rovers FC) has posted Peel Sessions from Kenickie. (I love you Lauren Laverne !)

– The Ghost Of Electricity has a reggae Peel Session from Laurel & Hardy.

– The Vinyl Villain (who’s partly responsible for me getting this idea) is posting some Bourgie Bourgie.

– Ed at 17 Seconds has posted sessions by Wire, Cat Power, Six By Seven… and loads more.

– A Sweet Unrest has a Peel Session from The Delgados.

– Drew from Across The Kitchen Table has an Orb Session (also has a Keeping It Peel countdown which he started last week).

– The above did a countdown, but Acid Ted is starting a Keeping It Peel themed week and the first entry is the Sabres of Paradise.

– Mike from Manic Pop Thrills has a Peel Session from TV21.

– Dirk from Sexyloser has a pic of himself with Peel in pub, plus tracks from the Frantic Elevators, Culture, Buzzcocks, The Cure… oh loads of stuff.

– Plain or Pan? (I’ll have to find out why he called it that), as well as Keeping It Peel is celebrating Dave Gedge (Wedding Present) being 25 years in the business. Read all about it here.

– Run Into Thunder has posted some nice words and My Bloody Valentine.

– And Before The First Kiss… has various Peel Session tracks posted, from acts such as The Field Mice, Loop, The Family Cat and more here.

– Podcast time ! Planet Mondo has recorded and posted a podcast especially for today. Oh and I nearly forgot – Piley is involved too.

– Bagging Area has Viv Stanshall’s Lament.

– Another podcast: From Inside the Pod this time.

– Obscure Music and Football (which like my day job Football and Music, does as it says on the tin) has an in-depth look at John Peel and his legacy. It is a great read.

– Both Bars On has The Shop Assistants, Godspeed, J Mascis and the Fog here.

– The Daily Growl has the Super Furry Animals.

– Pip’s Page has some Pip’s Speak and is playing a Peel Session from Gene.

– A Head Full of Wishes has a Peel Session from Luna and a Spotify playlist.

– Come here to me! Has a Peel Session by Thin Lizzy from 1976.

– Barry Gruff has a recording of Blur that they did at Peel Acres in 1997. Go have a listen.

Sagger Makers Social Club is playing The Redskins.

Teenage Kick’s: http://johnpeelsfestive50.tumblr.com/

– If you are in the UK then Indiefy has the John Peel Festive 50’s on Spotify playlists.

– Brian runs Like Punk Never Happened, which is an ongoing project of his to scan every copy of Smash Hits that he owns. He’s also taking part in #keepingitpeel today and has posted a scan of a John Peel interview (from 1979) on his 40th birthday.

– shitboyfriend has The Men They Couldn’t Hang.

– Have Fun at Dinner has Mull Historical Society, The Crimea, Bloc Party and more

– Mark W, who is a DJ on Dandelion Radio played Jesus and Mary Chain, Superqueens and Culture on his show.

– Quims still misses John Peel six years on…

– Miguel, from Barcelona started a blog which was inspired by John Peel.

The timing of these things… A North Country Bhoy did a mega post of dub and reggae music, and then a few hours ago we learnt of the passing of Gregory Isaacs the reggae legend. After reading this news I posted a tweet with the Peel Session that he recorded in 1982.

– One Step Brighter wrote: “..he gave me more music than I could handle, simple as that…” and then he posted more A-Z session covers than we can handle.

– pathfinderpat over at a Town Full Of Losers is Peeling In The Years. *honk !*

– Jim Does is Keeping It Peel.

– Vapour Trails is Peeling in the Years (also)

– Mrs Ivy Trellis is saying thank you (to John Peel).

The Line Of Best Fit (adge) wrote about a world without John Peel, 6 years on. Plus there’s his podcast: The John Peel Tribute Show.

– Vinyl Frontier – …and on tonight’s programme

– Jim at Aye Tunes attempted to set up a post to go out every hour, but in the best Peelie tradition it didn’t come off. But you can read all the posts by him during today by going to: http://blog.ayetunes.org.uk/search/label/keepingitpeel

– Smartest Giant In Town posted The Fall (take a drink !)

– Shots of Freedom posted Flying Saucer Attack and Jessamine.

– Postpunk.de posted The Freeze and a video of John Peel’s record box.

UPDATE: 10.30pm BST: Probably the last one posted but well worth the wait… Before you read this one pour yourself a nice drink and settle down to read what Sport Is A TV Show has posted.

(I think the number to the local Al-Anon is in the phone book…)


With grateful thanks to Chris at Obscure Music and Football for assisting me in gathering a selection of tweets from today (posted so far, it’s still only 8pm in the UK so lots more time left) which used the hashtag #keepingitpeel about the subject of, obviously John Peel and his influence on us, the people who listened:

What the great man meant to us…

@Nicklewis1 Best ears, best stories, much missed. #keepingitpeel

@Fadouken Still remember first time I heard John Peel. I was 16, 2am on a Thursday night playing Eastern European folk music. Legend #keepingitpeel

@daisygriffith Terrorism aside, the death of John Peel caused the greatest genuine shock I ever saw in a newsroom in ten years of news #keepingitpeel

@leonardreid When Christmas wheels round, I always feel a sharp pang of sadness when I remember the Festive Fifty doesn’t happen any more. #keepingitpeel

@tj_arnold Aged 13, hearing Melt Banana on my headphones while hiding under the covers. Terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure. #keepingitpeel

@ejrdavies Listening to The Fall’s back catalogue. If iTunes allowed it, I’d listen to it at the wrong speed #keepingitpeel

@Dante_Banks I’m not a very emotional person I’ve only cried 3 times in the last 38 years Finding out John Peel had died was the last time #keepingitpeel

@theycallmehint John peel changed my life. Telling my family I’d been invited to do a Peel Session is one of my most treasured memories #keepingitpeel

@SAJFraser John Peel, the man responsible for what everyone else thinks of as my “shit taste in music”. I know better. #keepingitpeel

@beatsandsoul 7 years on from the hand crippling handshake he gave me and 6 years on from his far too early end. Massive legend #keepingitpeel

@PeskyRattigan On this day 6 years ago almost exactly to the minute I had the feeling that a favourite Uncle had died #keepingitpeel

@tanwenhaf In the interests of #keepingitpeel shouldn’t we be saying Rest in the Sound of Good Music, not Rest in Peace, that’d be like torture surely!

@agathaslugg http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/johnpeel/ = #keepingitpeel OBE ’98 world service to A level students (+ British music)

Why the great man was so wise…

@john_s_darling “That was Atari Teenage Riot and now the Carpenters” #keepingitpeel

@hemulius “I just want to hear something I haven’t heard before” – John Peel left us 6 years ago today. http://bbc.in/kFHzS #keepingitpeel

@killingflowers “I never make stupid mistakes. Only very, very clever ones.” #keepingitpeel

@HALLANGEN_art “I play the records, but I sleep with the sleeves” – JP on the charitable love affair with the cover art what I did. #keepingitpeel

@andygale John Peel – “A man who gets his willy out at concerts and waves it about can hardly be described as a great philosopher'”#keepingitpeel

@killingflowers “If Elvis were alive today, I think he’d really understand happy hardcore.” #keepingitpeel

@dromomaniac #keepingitpeel Met him going through bins at the back of Portland St once. “I’m looking for a record I rather wish I hadn’t thrown out.”

@ollielime “If I drop dead tomorrow, I’ll have nothing to complain about – except that there’ll be another Fall album out next year.” #keepingitpeel

@Beathhigh Handed John Peel scrap of paper at roadshow. Days later, he read it on air: “Good luck to the as-yet unnamed punk band from Cowdenbeath”.

@anniemacdj #keepingitpeel Once a day John would put a newspaper over his head, put his feet up on the desk and nod off for 20 mins.

@gilesthomas “If the emergency tape comes on, you’ll be listening to something ghastly like Destiny’s Child.” #keepingitpeel

The whole point of today…

@keepingitpeel …Retweeted by 800 people.. woke up at 3am (Eastern) and checked my email. 160 new messages.. so much love for John Peel… #keepingitpeel

@dubber If you really want to commemorate John Peel properly, seek out some music today that you’ve never heard before. #keepingitpeel

@worththehype I like to think it says good things about who I follow that nearly everyone is #keepingitpeel today. Well done to you all #legend

@onenil_v2 Just noticed that my 1000th tweet was about #keepingitpeel. Could not have been a more worthy cause.

@garff99 I think it’s time to introduce some Half Man Half Biscuit to this office… #keepingitpeel

@davyghost #keepingitpeel day has been sort of like Christmas on the blogs – only without relatives or religion, and so slightly better, if anything

@either0r Listening to old Peel tape, Buffalo Tom in session, Ride, Wedding Present, Honey Smugglers, Germs – must be circa 1990 #keepingitpeel

@LordGid Looking forward to going home, sticking on some random brilliant records, dipping into Margrave of the Marshes and generally #keepingitpeel

@ayetunes I think my neighbour just spotted me dancing round my room to The Delgados. #keepingitpeel

Blogs, articles etc.



7 thoughts on “#keepingitpeel Updates

  1. Stunning response. Absolutely stunning……

    Well done Webbie. Proud to be part of it

  2. & lest we should forget Buckskins & Bugger….

  3. although I’m a little late, I have to give props to John for his contributions… I have my favourite sessions of course. The Birthday Party sessions from ’81 come to mind. They did an exceptional job covering the Stooges. I’ll have to take some time and check out the posts offered here. Thanks for doing such a good job in keeping Peel’s memory alive.

    Peace and blessings.

  4. Bugger. I missed this. Still, I did think about Peelie last week all the same. He was my ‘other dad’. I first listened to him in the mid 70s when his was the only show to broadcast punk, but I also heard the likes of Capatain Beefheart on his show around the time too. I was a listener on and off for nearly 30 years! Without his tireless and determined championing of new music and new artists, at times when nobody else was doing it, I genuinely believe the musical map of the world would look entirely different, and all the aspects of society which are influenced or shaped by music and the attitudes engendered by it, would be different. I was immensely upset that he died, but at least the trail he blazed is being followed by others now.

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