#keepingitpeel PODCASTS

Well once again it looks like the BBC has started something and then abandoned it…

They had the John Peel Day but seemed to lose interest.Then recently 6 Music created a John Peel podcast which they named “The First Podcast”, but they should have named it the only podcast because it looks like this isn’t going to continue either.

So as with the Keeping It Peel day the listening public (as in us here at #keepingitpeel) have taken up the reigns and will be creating our own KIP/JP podcasts…

With great thanks to rossofcourse for the fantastic John Peel snippets he’s supplied. I recommend that everybody follow him on Twitter.

I’ve taken some of these audio and added a few of the tracks that Peelie introduced. Basically the same sort of thing with the 6Music pod it is a highlights or compilation of John Peel show.

And we are keeping it in the John Peel tradition with this first podcast which is a very random selection of audio and songs.

Have a listen below to #keepingitpeel podcast No. 1 and subscribe to the RSS Feed for future pods. That is if enough of you listen to this first one…

This episode is 23 minutes long/file size is 22.56mb

» D/load the podcast here

Music in this podcast:

  • (Grinderswitch – John Peel intro)
  • Half Man Half Biscuit – Uffington Wassail
  • Altered Images – Song Sung Blue
  • Colorbox – Shotgun
  • Frogs Of War – Short Cut
  • The Clouds – Moon Llama
  • Golinski Brothers – Bloody

– You can get involved too: We welcome any contributions or suggestions from you for a future pod. Tweet us @ #keepingitpeel – or leave a comment below.

Next pod will arrive whenever.

6 thoughts on “#keepingitpeel PODCASTS

  1. Ooops, logged in as my alter ego. Great idea, great podcast. Hurrah!

    Kate Laity

  2. Any chance of an upload of The Golinski Brothers ‘Bloody’ with decent volume?

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