#keepingitpeel Pod No.3

The latest #keepingitpeel podcast is available, this edition is curated by @rossofcourse

This pod as you will hear is a far more professional offering than our previous two efforts. A note from the Curator:

“…It’s an hour long and I have made choices that reflect the nature of the broadcast style as well as the music highlighted by Peel. There is somewhat of a concentration of Peel feckups here as well as what I can only describe as Pure Character pieces. His reciting his school song in Latin for instance, and the whole thing surrounding the J&MC Sidewalking, which I remember well from the original broadcast, and was SO happy to find I still had the tape…”

Listen here:

» D/load here.

The episode is 1 hour long/file size is 83.1mb

Songs heard inbetween Peelies intros:

  • The Room – Things Have Learned To Walk That Ought To Crawl
  • I, Ludicrous – Preposterous Tales (flexi)
  • The Fall – Bremen Nacht
  • Shalawambe – Samora Machel
  • Surgery – Dear Sweet Laura (JPS version)
  • Billy Bragg – Rotting On Remand (JPS version)
  • The Jesus And Mary Chain – Sidewalking
  • Artist Unknown – Paranoid
  • Vic Goddard – Tidal Wave
  • Costa Rica Football Team – The Costa Rican 1990 World Cup Song
  • Yximalloo – Man’s Man
  • Glove – You Keep The Love
  • Gumball – High Or Low (JPS version)
  • Steel Pole Bath Tub – Venus In Furs

With very grateful and many thanks to ross ofcourse, for taking the time to put this together.
I can tell you after doing the two previous podcasts I can attest to the amount of time and work it takes to stitch these together.

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We welcome any contributions or suggestions from you for any future pods. Tweet us @keepingitpeel – or leave a comment below.

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The next pod I’ve been working on, will be a special edition. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “#keepingitpeel Pod No.3

  1. Great to hear the Shalawabe track again (‘One of the all-time classics, played at a variety of speeds’). I have the record somewhere, but it seemed easier to seek it out on the internet. I remember Peel getting excited about Sidewalking by Jesus & Mary Chain at the time (quite possibly the clip you’ve put in this podcast). A very enjoyable hour of music in the compnay of John Peel. Thanks for making it available.

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