#keepingitpeel Podcast Special : The Fall

This edition of the #keepingitpeel podcast is a special edition featuring just the one artist. A group that John Peel had great admiration for:

The Fall

This band recorded more Peel Sessions than any other. A total of 24 between 1978 to 2004.

All of these sessions were collected and released on a 6 CD compilation.

This special edition podcast just scratches the surface of their output, an edited highlights of only a small part of their history.

There are snippets of John Peel introducing some sessions inserted between the songs, plus some other exceprts taken from various radio and TV Programmes about Peelie. The audio and the musical tracks are listed below:

  • Grinderswitch intro
  • John Peel – Fall intros       Link
  • The Fall – Fifteen Ways
  • John Peel - Theme From Sparta FC intro
  • The Fall – Theme From Sparta FC (Peel Session)
  • The Fall – Lie Dream of a Casino Soul
  • The Fall – Luck Know (Peel Session)
  • Tony Wilson intro – Big New Prinz       Link
  • The Fall – Big New Prinz
  • The Fall – Bingo Master Break-Out
  • John Peel’s Record Box audio       Link
  • The Fall – Blindness (Peel Session)
  • This Is Your Life audio       Link
  • The Fall – Telephone Thing
  • Elastica with Mark E Smith – How He Wrote Elastic Man
  • The Fall – How I wrote Elastic Man
  • John Peel - The Past Gone Mad into
  • The Fall – A Past Gone Mad
  • The Fall – Free Range (Peel Session)
  • Desert Island Discs audio       Link
  • The Fall – Eat Yourself Fitter (Peel Session)
  • Grinderswitch outro


As you can see from the list this is a longer pod. Nearly an hour long.

Listen here:

» D/load here.

The episode is 58 minutes long/file size is 53.5mb

With thanks to @weloveallthat.
Dedicated to @katelaity

The next pod … whenever.

7 thoughts on “#keepingitpeel Podcast Special : The Fall

  1. Totally Brilliant introduction to The Fall. How many ways can you say The Fall. Hilarious. great cast. Thank you!

  2. Ooops — logged in as my alter ego, but FANTASTIC!! Of course of course — glorious!

    Kate Laity

  3. AND thank you 🙂


  4. Marcelle of Dandelion Radio is planning a special show for April contains only Fall songs … with a special selection criteria … the worst songs of The Fall.
    Send your selection and reason by email to marcelle at dandelionradio dot com

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