#keepingitpeel Pod – The A-Z of Peel (Sessions)

Well you keep listening to ’em so we’ll keep doing them.

In this edition of the #keepingitpeel podcast, in what I’ve called the A-Z of Peel (Sessions), does exactly that: Random selected artists (in alphabetical order) and a track recorded by them for a Peel Session…

This is probably the most commercial version of all the pods done so far because the featured artists today were all at one time or another, achieved success after their Peel Sessions. Whether this was down to their recording of the sessions is one for debate, but the idea behind this pod is that all the bands/artists are familiar to everybody.

You will hear in this podcast the huge variety of different genres of music that John Peel played, from Electronic to Shoegazing, from Folk to Techno.

I hope that people will find this pod and think; “I didn’t know that suchandsuch band did a Peel Session, or that there was a Peel Session of that song…

Enough of the preamble. On with the music.

Today’s audio snippets of John Peel talking are taken from an interview with Tim Wall that he did near his 40th Birthday in 1980.

The full list of artists and songs:

Grinderswitch intro
Laurel Aitken (w The Ruts) – Rudi Got Married
Billy Bragg – The Short Answer
The Chameleons – Second Skin
Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Sweet Gene Vincent
Eek A Mouse – Hire And Remove
The Field Mice -Anoint
Gene – Save Me I’m Yours
The Human League – Being Boiled
Interpol – NYC
The June Brides – One Day
Kenicke – Scared Of Spiders
LFO – Lost World
Madness – Bed And Breakfast Man
Nirvana – Drain You
OMD – Electricity
The Pogues – Streams Of Whiskey
Quando Quango – Love Tempo
Ragga Twins – Spliffhead And Jugglin
Sugarcubes – Deus
Thin Lizzy – Jaibreak
UB40 – Food For Though
Veruca Salt – Seether*
The White Stripes – Hello Operator/Baby Blue*
X-Ray Specs – Germ Free Adolescents
Yazoo – Don’t Go
Zeke Manyika – Bible Belt**

All tracks are Peel Session recordings except *Veruca Salt and The White Stripes. These are both live shows.
Also there is **Zeke Manyka, who did a Peel Session but sadly I can’t find.

Because of the number of artists included I’ve split this into two sections, because the entire thing would have been 2 hours long.
So for your listening pleasure, in two 1 hour sections:

Peel Sessions A-L:

D/load here [It is 54 minutes long/file size is 49.8mb]

Peel Sessions M-Z:

D/load here [It is 56 minutes long/files size is 51.7 mb]

The next pod will be along… eventually and will be a very random affair.

2 thoughts on “#keepingitpeel Pod – The A-Z of Peel (Sessions)

  1. Nice list, but where are The Fall and The Wedding Present?
    Nobody did more Peel sessions than either one of these two bands and they should be on there.

    1. Have a look at the other podcasts.

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