#KeepingItPeel Podcast 06

Another podcast emerges. This one from our cohort @rossofcourse with another eclectic mix of everything Peelie.

Side note: These pods have been curated by just two of us so far, but it is an open project for anybody and everybody. If you want to compile your own John Peel-related pod then you would be made very welcome. Each of us has a different ear when listening and we want to hear what you hear. Contact us if you have anything or need any assistance, we’ll be glad to help.

Enough with the small talk, on with the latest edition.

Comments from ross:

“This differs to the first pod I did.   That one I made a point of cherry-picking a higher ratio of pure Peel moments. This time it is a little more traditional but no less eclectic, as it should be to reflect his unwavering openness. Once again this is taken entirely from ancient radio tapes, or rather my mp3 conversions of those tapes, not records interspersed with off-air dialogue. Whilst – where possible – these are cleaned up a little, and sound absolutely fine to me, this is hardly cd quality. But then, no-one reading this, is likely to be worrying about that. And if some random visitor here is; the whooshing noise you hear is the point passing rapidly over your head.

You will note towards the end that Morrissey’s first solo single is there in it’s entirity. The primary reason I’ve elected to include this as of significant representative interest is that Peel played these songs unheard and his comments are, as such, uninfluenced by previous exposure.

I hope you will enjoy this. More soon.”

Listen here:

» D/load here.

The episode is 1 hour 1 minute long/file size is 84mb

For the tracklisting ross says:
“This is the tracklist. As accurate as some corroborative web research will allow. Oh, I’m also including a link to a picture of the Mono Men, you’ll understand why when you hear the podcast “

The Vinaigrettes – Vinaigrettes Theme Song/Beatles Rip-off.
Slowdive – Waves.
The Mono Men – Watch Outside.
PJ Harvey – Dress.
Field Mice – Missing The Moon 12″.
Thrilled Skinny – Quicker Than The Blinking Eye.
Subject 13 – The Promise.
Puff Tube – Heavy Music/Jazz Cinammon In My Brain/Love Theme From ‘Emergency Peanut’.
Ivor Cutler – Two Coy Hinnies/Insect/Seaweed (JPS).
Seven Minutes Of Nausea “except it’s only fifteen seconds…” – SDI Theory/Rights Inherent/Destruction Is On/Carcass Pulp/Grind Infect/Heavy Satan/Blood On The World/What I Feel/Stoat/Naughty Word.
Moondog – Hardshoe (Ray Maclone).
Morrissey – Suedehead/I Know Very Well How I Got My Name/Hairdresser On Fire (first Peel broadcast).
Coldcut – Doctorin’ The House.
Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen – Goin’ Home.

Thank you once again to @rossofcourse. Please follow him on twitter.

Another #keepingitpeel pod eventually…

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