#keepingitpeel pod 07

Time for another #KeepingItPeel podcast and again curated by @rossofcourse…

A note from the pod curator:

“I hope you enjoy this one as much as the previous. Managed to include four (five if you include the double) session tracks this time, still keeping it spread around. Wish I’d taped more reggae tracks from this period. It’s something I’ve noticed I have a dearth of on these tapes. I didn’t dislike reggae, but was simply indifferent to it at the time and only had a finite amount of money to spend on tapes as a teenager, so was a bit heavier on the pause button than I would otherwise have been when it came to filling 90 minutes.

I played this through to myself this afternoon, to be sure the mp3 I’d mastered was OK to upload, and it’s improved my mood no end.”


Crabstick – Kelvin
Catch 22 – Whose Business?
Helmet – Sinatra (JPS)
Eno & The Winkies – Baby’s On Fire/Totalled (JPS)
Revolver – Painting Pictures
Mr Selfish – Mr Selfish
Holger Hiller – Sing Songs
Loudon Wainwright III – Wine With Dinner
Bobby Powell – In Time
Traddodiad Ofnus – Dilyn Y Cach
Soundgarden – Sub-Pop Rock City
Last Party – Damp
The Shamen – Nothing (JPS)
Stella Chiweshe/Earthquake – Serewende (JPS).

Listen here:

» D/load here.

The episode is 1 hour 1 minute long/file size is 84mb

Thank you to @rossofcourse. Follow him on twitter.

Another #keepingitpeel podcast, would you believe, after this one…

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