#KeepingItPeel Podcast Number 8

After a short amount of time another John Peel/#keepingitpeel podcast is reading for your listening…   This one is another very random mixture.

I had an idea for a “theme” but gave up early on.

In each pod I try to include a wide spectrum of music, as Peelie did. Some of it you may like, some you might not. But as you remember when listening to the great man’s shows years ago this is how it was. You didn’t like something but you didn’t switch off, just keep on listening until something that does interest you came up.

The tracklisting for this edition:

Grinderswitch intro
John Peel audio
Long Fin Killie and Mark E. Smith – The Heads of Dead Surfers
John Peel audio
Wire – I Am The Fly
Target Shoppers – Thumb In The Eye
The Four Brothers – Pasi Pano Pane Zviedzo
Audio except from the documentary: Top Of The Pops - The True Story
Joy Division – Dead Souls
A Flock Of Seagulls – Talking (It’s Not Me Talking) – Peel Session
The Flatmates – Shimmer
The Nightingales, Ted Chippington & We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It – Rockin With Rita (Head To Toe)
Apparat – Fon (Peel Session)
Misty In Roots – Own Them Control Them (Peel Session)
John Peel audio - talking about The Slits
The Slits – Love And Romance
The Tier Garden – The Afrikaan (Peel Session)
Half Man Half Biscuit – 24 Hour Garage People (Peel Session)
End pod – Grinderswitch outro

Listen here:

» D/load here.

The episode is 58 minutes long/file size is 53mb

We have plans for future pods, a few of them will have a theme. There’ll be one with football and a couple of special editions.
One will be with Half Man Half Biscuit and yes… we couldn’t resist… another one from The Fall

2 thoughts on “#KeepingItPeel Podcast Number 8

  1. Brilliant! Why didn’t I pick up on these before? Keep ’em going, please!
    Best wishes, Steve (http://festive50.wordpress.com/)

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