John Peel Podcast09

Time for another podcast and thanks again to our collaborative @rossofcourse (please follow him on Twitter) for this edition…

As always he has taken much thought, care and attention into this pod, some words below from ross about the music:

“Are we really sixty-five in the charts..?”
Like anyone else, Peel could be made to revise his opinion by the auspices of time, or at least broaden it. Witness the opening track (complete with someone walking in front of the aerial during recording) & commentary of this podcast from December 31st 1975 and compare that to the closer’s reception. Two songs mere months apart creatively, under a year at broadcast, but from entirely different realities. People have a tendency to say ‘Everything changed when..’ about too many things, a little too frequently for it to have any weight anymore, but 1976 was most assuredly one of those points where, culturally, Everything Changed. Not so much in the manner which people assumed at the time, but subsequent assumptions & expectations, mores and attitudes were certainly tweaked somewhat. The toast had landed firmly butter side down.

There are still bands that sound like the Cate Bros being formed – and why shouldn’t there be? – but whereas they would once have been the norm, now there IS no norm. Not really. Oh you may indeed have a chart of stuff that gets the major radio play, but the reality is that if you want to hear something else, whatever it is, then out there it is being produced. No matter what it actually is.

And it was John Peel whose shows were the first to represent that, and to steadfastly keep pushing that ever expanding horizon in all directions. There may not be any like them on the major radio stations anymore, regardless of what they say, but there don’t need to be. We have the internet. And internet radio is dripping eclecticism and variety in tight bundles. His legacy. Thanks John.

This is the first podcast I’ve attempted based upon shows and extracts downloaded from the web. Thank you to anyone who had provided the material to draw from. As such there’s greater variety in terms of when the contributions are taken from. It was also a little harder to get some of it listenable; sorry for the subsequent delay.

Next Peel revision from me, for his Keeping It Peelness, will be an all cover-versions pod.

Listen here:

» D/load here.

[ The episode is 59 minutes long/file size is 82mb]


Cate Bros – Time For Us
The Keys – Strength of Strings
Duane Eddy – Peter Gunn
Spit! – Road Pizza
Chicks On Speed / Kreidler – Sliding Down Your Ribcage
Pixies – I Can’t Forget (Leonard Cohen cover)
Player Piano – So-Sukan
Hands And Heart – Jah Live
Degrassi – Luger
Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster
The Thing – Weirdo Riding
Gruesome Twosome – I’m The Light
James Carr – Let’s Face Facts
Small Factory – Suggestions (JPS)
The Damned – New Rose (JPS)

As ross mentions above he’s working on an all covers edition and I’ve got plans for a HMHB and a football special edition. Eventually.

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