#keepingitpeel Podcast Special: HMHB

Yes another podcast already. We don’t hang about here…

In fact this one was in planning for a while, it just took us until now to finally pull our finger out and actually put this together.

This special edition of the #keepingitpeel podcasts is given over to just the one artist:


Yes it’s the four lads who shook the Wirral and another band who recorded multiple Peel Sessions.

The tracks for this pod were seleced by Fredorrarci from Sport Is A TV Show and if you clicked on either of those links you’ll see why I tapped him up.

Going in chronological order with the session tracks, starting with their March 1986 recording, finishing with their last session recorded before John’s death and broadcast on Rob Da Bank’s ‘Peel Show’ in November 2004.

– Before you take a listen and if you are not that too familiar with HMHB songs, you might want to keep The Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics Project website handy. However I’ve added a link to the lyrics of each song in the list below, click the . link and will open in a new window.

Additional note: I’ve included Peelie playing the intro to the HMHB track ‘God Gave Us Life’, but not the full song, saving that for a future #keepingitpeel football special podcast.

Grinderswitch intro + John Peel intro from 22nd Oct 1985 broadcast
I Left My Heart In Papworth General .
The Best Things In Life .
Song of Encouragement for the Orme Ascent .
Chat from the Radcliffe session (John Peel sat in for Mark Radcliffe, 14th Oct 1994)
Dead Men Don’t Need Season Tickets .
Deep House Victims’ Minibus Appeal .
Monmore Hare’s Running .
Tonight Matthew I’m Going to Be with Jesus .
Four Skinny Indie Kids .
A Country Practice (Meltdown Festival live performance) .
Intro from the 1999 session
Uffington Wassail .
Twenty-Four Hour Garage People .
A Legend in My Time (Roy Orbison cover)
For What Is Chatteris… .
Epiphany .
End pod – 22nd Oct 1985 show + Grinderswitch outro

Listen here:

» D/load [This episode is 57 minutes long/file size is 53mb]

Thank you very much to Fredorrarci for going through that arduous task of listening to all the HMHB songs.

I’ve heard that the band have a new album in the works and it will be released around September time. We will of course mark the event with another …Half Biscuit pod special.

Before that though there will be a football special along. Eventually.

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