John Peel at Glastonbury

It’s the summer and yes, we are slacking off too.

In the meantime until another pod arrives, here are some broadcasts via 6Music of John Peel at Glastonbury…

These shows were broadcast during this year’s (2011) festival and were presented by the man himself. These are still available via the BBC IPlayer but will be pulled soon, so we’ve saved them here for posterity.

Part 1:

From 1997 this features performances from Cast as well as Echo and the Bunnymen, plus a live report from Mary Anne Hobbs, music from Dreadzone (played at the wrong speed, twice!) Man or Astroman? and others.

» >D/load   [File is 52MB/1 hour long]

Part 2:

Some advice from Kenickie at the beginning of the show. Then some live music from Pulp (back in the 90’s not the recent performance), the Wannadies, Aswad (at Notting Hill Carnival a few years before) and a live performance of Dodgy (Glastonbury ’97)

» D/load   [File is 52MB/1 hour long]

Part 3:

Live broadcast from John who starts with a surf tune which goes backwards. Section 8. Pilot Cam. Deutschmark Bob & The Deficits. Sizzler. (At around 20 minutes: Listen for the John's description of Glastonbury). Echo & The Bunnymen. Chance McDermot. The Impossible Music Force. (Plays the wrong Neil Young, then the correct live song). Sonic Youth. Swish. Source Direct.

» D/load   [File is 52MB/1 hour long]

Lastly there’s this from Longfella AKA Tony Walsh who was Glastonbury 2011’s official website Poet-in-Residence. He appeared on Cerys Matthews show and recited a poem he composed in tribute to John Peel.

Tony Walsk
» D/load: Keeping It Peel: Teenage Kicker Conspiracy.

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