Podcast: Peel Out In The States

This is from a series of shows that John Peel did in the early/mid-90’s. They were special edition shows, something like the ones he recorded for BFBS radio. But the audience for these was an American one.

The late, legendary British DJ John Peel recorded a series of half-hour radio programmes in the US back in the early ’90s. These were put on CD, two shows per disc, and distributed to the various stations – mostly in colleges…
… As with John’s BBC radio shows, the songs cover a wide range of genres- noisy British indie (perennial Peel faves The Fall), Czech ambient techno (for example) as well as reggae, African folk music and more. John’s announcements are included before and after each track.

These CD’s as it says were given to radio stations and were not commercially for sale. But – a few of them can be found via the Amazon USA site.

This pod is two of those broadcast (each programme was 30 minutes) and is numbered 21 & 22.


01 – Thrilled Skinny – Let There Be Shelving
02 – Guided By Voices – Sot
03 – Cords – Second Skin
04 – Void – Section
05 – Easter – Found Things
06 – Terror Fabulous – Yu Woulda Bawl
07 – Pushkins – Slope
08 – Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline
09 – Syran Mbenza – Icha
10 – Ti-Tho – Traumtanzer
11 – Bivouac – The Bell Foundry
12 – Aphex Twin – The Caustic Window
13 – Leonard Nimoy – Where It’s At
14 – Maloko – In The Midnight Hour

Yes you did read that right, Leonard Nimoy.

I have to say that Peelie is on top form in this broadcast. This is a very, very recommended listen.
You can find more details/tracklistings for all the Peel Out In The States show on the Peel Wikia.

» D/load   [File size is 52.94MB/57 mins long]

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