#KIP Podcast Special: EFW – HMHB


This edition came into being because one of the perennial Peel favourites will be releasing a new album very soon.

To celebrate this fact I’ve asked someone to select his favourite tracks as played by John Peel on his shows.

So now we give you…


(#KeepingItPeel/European Football Weekends/Half Man Half Biscuit)

Yes in only 9…8 days time (from the date of this posting) Half Man Half Biscuit will be releasing their latest platter: 90 Bisodol (Crimond).

Make a note somewhere: SEPTEMBER 26TH.

Details on where to purchase after this pod…

When we learnt the news of this impending release there was a thought about doing another celebratory podcast, but who would choose this time ? Who is the biggest HMHB fan ? Well quite obviously that’s me. But we should give somebody else a look in this time. So please give a warm hand to Danny Last from European Football Weekends (EFW) who…alright I have to admit is just a big a Biscuit fan.

Now this version of the HMHB pod special is different than the one selected by Fredorrarci (of SIATVS), the other Biscuit fanboy. That one was HMHB/Peel Session recordings, these are single and album tracks.

Danny threw down an interesting challenge with his selections, chosen from, as mentioned their show appearances (excluding sessions) but it was a successful one as I managed to track down every song from the show/dates he selected.

(dates next to the title is the date that Peel played the track on his show)

1. Bob Wilson Anchorman 26:06:01
2. It Makes The Room Look bigger 24:12:03
3. Moody Chops 01:07:98
4. The Len Ganley Stance 28:01:03
5. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Is The Light Of The Oncoming Train) 17:09:02
6. Dickie Davies Eyes 23:12:86
7. Paintball Coming Home 21:08:03
8. Jarg Armani 24:07:03
9. Lark Descending 09:08:01
10. She’s In Broadstairs 02:10:02
11. Time Flies By (When You’re A Driver Of A Train) 15:08:90
12. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit 08:12:91
13. Vatican Broadside*

  *I’ve taken a liberty by adding a track at the end that Danny did not choose.
Vatican Broadside was played on his show, broadcast from Peel Acres (with live performances from Super Furry Animals) on 12th July 2001.

Listen here:

» D/load [This episode is 43 minutes long/file size is 39.5mb]

A huge thank you to Danny for his selections. All killa’s, no fila’s.
But now to the important bit…

New Album: 90 Bisodol (Crimond)

Whatever way you buy it, just buy it.

Another podcast (special) will be with you sooner rather than later. No time to hold your breath !

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