#KeepingItPeel – 2011

And so… once again… for those who listened, we are:


If you haven’t heard of this event before… have a read of this which has some explanation.

In summary: Today (October 25th) is a day designated for bloggers, tweeters, facebookers… and for you, who tuned in to Radio 1 every night to hear John Peel’s dulcet tones. Also to hear some sometimes strange noises coming out of your radio. On this day – October 25th – we commemorate and celebrate the memory of one the most influential DJ’s who ever was. How we do that is by posting on Facebook or writing a blog, or tweeting a link (using the hashtag #keepingitpeel) with your favourite Peel Session track.

Today we’ll be posting live updates here of every #keepingitpeel mention. If you spot something in the wild that isn’t on here yet then please use the contact form or post a comment below:

We start our coverage of #keepingitpeel this year with a specially constructed podcast from the curator of many of the pods seen right here with his tribute to the great man. Having listened to this pod in advance I can tell you that this one will pull at all your emotions. We have clips of Peelie as well as memories from many others.

Here’s the tracklisting and some words from ross ofcourse the curator of the pod:

John Peel 2011 Tribute Podcast
Andy Kershaw, BBC Radio 3 – Roy Harper – When An old Cricketer Leaves The Crease
Jack White
Paul Morley
Mary Anne Hobbs
John Peel – on hearing Elvis and Little Richard for the first time “Nothing was – genuinely nothing was – ever the same again.”
Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant – John Peel
Andy Kershaw – Rat Scabies’s mum
John Walters – The Shend – The House Of Love – Destroy The Heart (live at Peel’s 50th Birthday Party)
John Peel at his 50th Birthday Party / Radio One Stanley
Steve Lamacq – Liverpool 3 : Milwall 0
John Peel – “Boys Own”
John Peel on TOTP – George Michael and Aretha Franklin
John Peel & Tony Blackburn – You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
Mary Anne Hobbs – John Peel and the ‘dilemma’ of REM v Mogwai
Reg Dwight
Steve Lamacq – Silicon Teens – Memphis Tennessee
Michael Palin
Andy Kershaw – Diblo Dibala – Matchatcha Wetu
Mary Anne Hobbs
Mitch Benn – A Minute’s Noise (For John) (live on BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Now Show’)
Steve Lamacq – Bis – We Love John Peel (JPS)
John Ravencroft (sic) promo for K-O-M-A
Jarvis Cocker – Pulp – Peter Gunn (live)
John Peel – “Doing something that’s right”
Damon Albarn – Talk v behavior.
Cinerama – All The Things She Said (JPS) – Mary Anne Hobbs
Jarvis Cocker – “Excited”
Sheila Ravenscroft – Fame
Steve Lamacq – Laura Cantrell/Ballboy – I Lost You (But I Found Country Music) (live session)
John Peel – Upbringing
John Peel – Phone message back to his office from the Swiss Hotel in Lima.
Mark Coles intro.
Dr Venom – Mumm-Ra – The final record programmed by John Peel. Posthumously played as the last track on the third of three World Service shows he recorded before leaving for Peru.

“John Peel’s last ever music-radio word on air, was a name from Thundercats : o )

There’s not so much music in this podcast as the previous ones I’ve compiled. It has a very different emphasis. What music there is, is – with one particular exception at the beginning – not perhaps what one would assume would be here. No Fall, no Undertones. Representation and celebration rather than the comfy furniture.

Everybody would have done this differently. I had options. This is how I chose to do it.

It starts with an ending, and ends with an ending. It has to of course, this isn’t a fantasy. Peel gave us everything he could; he gave us a lifetime.”

Listen here:
» D/load     [This pod is 52mins long/file size is 71.8mb]

Oct 26th: Happy to see that everybody is still #keepingitpeel, because this is not just for the one day, but for every day.

» We Love All That has Ted Chippington and The Popguns in session

» At my other gig over on Football And Music – a special edition Football and Peelie podcast

» The Vinyl Villain has been #keepingitpeel building up to #keepingitpeel today

» Sport Is A TV Show has a long line up of Peel related items, including Elvis Costello, Laura Cantrell, McCarthy and yes, he couldn’t resist: The Fall

» Barry Gruff has got what else but Half Man Half Biscuit.

» Music From Magazines has a Peel Session from Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia as well as MBV & The Pogues

From Inside The Pod has a #keepingitpeel podcast special featuring Misty In Roots, Queen, The Pixies…and loads more

» Chonburi FC is a Thai football club they have lots of content including: John Peel and football, the band American TV Cops, as well as Ivor Cutler, The Sharks and The Undertones

» From 9pm tonight Planet Mondo will be doing a live radio show: Radio Podrophenia, a #keepingitpeel special edition. Listen in at Chance Radio.

» Obscure Music and Football: #keepingitpeel – The Greatest YouTube Channel In The World

» Pretending Life Is Like A Song has a Billy Bragg live performance

» 17 Seconds is looking at bands made famous by Peel covering other bands songs

» Drew from Across The Kitchen Table has Motorhead in session. No really

» Guardian Music blog: Share your memories of John Peel.

» Vinyl Frontier’s posterous has The Clash, Buffalo Tom, Magazine and loads more…

» Pip’s Pages: the time that Blur performed Popscene live at Peel Acres

» Acid Ted is #keepingitpeel with The Shamen Peel Session track

» Over in Germany: Jahrgangsgeräeusche is #keepingitpeel today

» The Songkick blog is #keepingitpeel with The Fall, Undertones and The White Stripes

» Tricky Girl is all about John Peel today

» Aye Tunes is #keepingitpeel today with Boards Of Canada, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Prolapse, World Of Twist, Sultans of Ping F.C., The Afghan Whigs, Teenage Fanclub

» Town Full Of Losers is Mixing Pop & Politics with Billy Bragg covering The Smiths

» Plain Or Pan? has some classic stuff from Ride and more

» Riveting Stuff is #keepingitpeel with Luke’s John Peel Day Mix (on Spotify)

» Bagging Area is #keepingitpeel with a naughty pic and some Half Man Half Biscuit

» Colin from And Before The First Kiss has Peel Sessions from The Sundays

» Evil Benstein has created a Keeping It Peel playlist

» Waiting For The Night Boat has Echo & The Bunnymen in session

» Ed at 17 Seconds (again) says Thank you for these, John

» Spools Paradise has songs from Culture, The Wedding Present, Neko Case and Her Boyfriends in session

» DJ Cull has a #keepingitpeel podcast/playlist on Mixcloud

» A Head Full Of Wishes has a Peel Session from Galaxie 500

» Lost In Music is looking at John Peel on This Is Your Life

» Linear Tracking Lives! is #keepingitpeel with XTC and The Housemartins

» One Step Brighter is remembering Peel with tracks from his favourite Irish bands

» Music Vice has a John Peel tribute video

» Song, By Toad has John Peel – King of the Anoraks

» Sunset Over Slawit has posted his Top Ten John Peel songs

» 1001 Fun Things to Do in Aberystwyth is #keepingitpeel today

» Dirk (Sexy Loser) has The Four Brothers, Stack Waddy and more…

» 12vinyl7 has sessions from Billy Bragg & The Damned

» Untimely Sound has a Peel Session from Lab 4

» Wombat’s World has a video of John Peel talking about the impact of Punk music

» Frankosonic has Peel Sessions from Kitchens Of Distinction and Kit

» Cathedrals of Sound raises a glass to John Peel

Please follow @keepingitpeel, @rossofcourse, @obscurefootball and @weloveallthat for any #keepingitpeel mentions.

11 thoughts on “#KeepingItPeel – 2011

  1. Sat in a hotel with a damned crappy connection! Great to be “sharing” this day with others via Twitter etc etc. Thank you @keepingitpeel

  2. Pingback: Vitaminic
  3. Have kept it Peel today with a post about Blur performing Popscene live at Peel Acres http://pip.host22.com/blog/201110.shtml#4

  4. Hi, Is it just me but my comp says that it cannot find the mediafire page ?
    Loving the stuff by the way and am just off to work to make my little corner of the NHS a Peel Acre

    1. Problems with Mediafire?

      Man, my sympathies. I have that problem too…….it seems that my ISP block them (a quick google willl tell you why) ………………but it’s fixable….

      If the link is at eg http://www.mediafire.com/123.mp3

      try typing in https:// first and then the http://www.mediafire.com/123.mp3 part, making

      [audio src="https://www.mediafire.com/123.mp3" /]

      Somehow, making the server a secure site, the ‘s’ part of https, you are able to bypass the block.

      Hope this makes sense. I have had this problem with the files I share on Mediafire on and off for a year or so, but somehow stumbled upon this way of fixing it.

      Happy downloading!

      (Now get yerself over to Plain Or Pan?, cheers!)

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