The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts

John Peel’s wife Shelia (and others) need your help…

As you all know John lived at(and sometimes broadcast from) Peel Acres for many years. His house is in a small village in Suffolk, not far from the town of Stowmarket. In that town there is the old Corn Exchange building which was left empty for a number of years but was saved and now has a new lease of life as the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts.

The venue was recently awarded a prestigious grant in order to fund renovations and improvements to the building, but there’s still more needed in order to continue – and this is where you come in. The John Peel Centre (JPCCA) has launched a crowdfunder where you can pledge an amount to help them along. But there isn’t much time: they have to raise £25,000 before Christmas.

I know the timing… festive season… belt tightening and all that. They understand this and are appreciative of anything you can pledge.

» Have a watch of the video below which takes a look at the John Peel Centre and features Sheila Ravenscroft talking about the project and fundraiser:

A bit from the press release:

“Today The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts in Stowmarket is celebrating a £500,000 grant from the BIFFAWARD Flagship Scheme, the only Flagship award made for Cultural Facilities this year. At the same time in order to help raise much needed match funding they are launching one of the biggest UK ‘crowdfunding’ projects as they look to raise £25,000 before Christmas Day.

Crowdfunding projects, which are much better known in the U.S.A, work by people pledging their support for a project and by doing so they earn a reward. In the case of the John Peel Centre pledges start at £10, which would earn you a personalised certificate and your name in the donors register held within the centre. £25 earns you the same, plus a copy of the documentary, Going Home, where John returned to his childhood home in the Wirral and so the rewards go on, right up to £1,000…


As it says above if you pledge a tenner then you get a certificate and your name recorded as a donor to the center. For 25 quid the same as above plus an exclusive viewing of a video with John Peel making a trip back home to the Wirral. This video has never been seen by the public. If you pledge 50 you’ll get all the above, plus two tickets to an event at the centre. If you do 75 then it’s (above) + 4 tickets, drinks… and it continues…

» Please go to to view more.

- And an additional thing from me: If you do pledge a higher amount you can select the tracks for a future #keepingitpeel podcast. Once you've signed up and pledged contact us here.

Another quote from the press release, this time from Sheila:

John Peel’s wife Sheila, who is an honorary patron of the Centre, said ‘it will eventually be an arts centre that offers a lot of things to a lot of people. John had catholic tastes, so it wasn’t just about loud music. He played all sorts of music and that’s what we’ll be doing. It will be fully developed so that we have a state of the art rehearsal and performance, space and hopefully lots and lots of people will use it. We are hoping that people who liked John’s work will help support the Centre and our plan to ensure his legacy lives on’.

Another video, this one was submitted to Biffa to show them what the funding is going to be for:

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So don’t hang about, get pledging and help towards this worthy project.

Why not give John Peel this Xmas ?

5 thoughts on “The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts

  1. Thanks Webbie for doing this, it means a great deal. We’ve got off to a fairly slow start, which may not be that surprising since very few people seem to know what crowdfunding is and let’s face it pledging anything at the moment is hard. So we’d like to try and make it as simple as possible – if you are, or know someone who is/was a fan of John’s then please pledge £10 – you’ll get a personalised certificate signed by Sheila as a Christmas present to have or give and your name added to the benefactor’s book forever held in the centre. If you can stretch to £25 then you’ll also get a download of documentary Going Home we made with John and which has never been released on DVD. We hope to enlist the help of some of John’s friends along the way and please bear in mind everyone who helps with this will also be kept in touch with what is happening at the centre and a number of other Peel projects we’re working on.

    Please pledge if you can.

    Many thanks
    Charlie Gauvain

    John Peel Legacy

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