#KeepingItPeel Podcast – The Phantom Fifty


POST UPDATE: The source material for this post is via another blog which sadly disappeared just a few days ago. If you are out there and if you see this – come back soon A North Country Bhoy.

So on with the show…

When ANCB (as his Mum likes to call him) first posted this he made available the Phantom Fifty as a large zip file to be downloaded. Inside it contains two files around 150MB each and the length of the shows are around 2 hours. – How the same thing differs here is that these files are available as a stream below, or as a smaller file downloadable version.

So what is the Phantom Fifty ? It was something instead of the regular Festive Fifty, which John Peel first broadcast in 1991.

ANCB explains it better:

This chart came to be named the ‘Phantom Fifty’ by Peel himself, as part of the way through voting he suddenly aborted it, deciding not to tally the votes or broadcast it, instead playing a selection of his own favorite records of 1991 and session repeats.

According to Peel himself he got into a bit bit of a ‘sulk’ when not many people were voting and decided to cancel the 1991 festive fifty. Peel was becoming disillusioned with his listeners’ tastes, complaining that there were too many “white boys with guitars” and not enough diversity. This trend of popular music continued in the early 90s, despite Peel’s championing of emerging of rave and dance acts on his show. Peel didn’t get around to compiling the Fifty until the following year, and didn’t broadcast it until 1993, where he played one song from it once a week…”


Part 1:

50. Bongwater: “Nick Cave Doll” (08 January 1993)
49. Mercury Rev: “Car Wash Hair” (09 January 1993)
48. Nirvana: “Breed” (15 January 1993)
47. Pixies: “Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons” (16 January 1993)
46. Pixies: “Motorway To Roswell” (22 January 1993)
45. Field Mice: “Missing The Moon” (23 January 1993)
44. Th’ Faith Healers: “Gorgeous Blue Flower In My Garden” (29 January 1993)
43. Fall: “So What About It?” (30 January 1993)
42. Babes In Toyland: “Ripe” (05 February 1993)
41. Fall : “The Mixer” (06 February 1993)
40. Electronic: “Get The Message” (12 February 1993)
39. Babes In Toyland: “Primus” (13 February 1993)

Part A:

» D/load     [This episode is 1hr 01secs long/file size is 68.7mb]

Part 2:

38. Curve: “No Escape From Heaven” (19 February 1993)
37. My Bloody Valentine: “To Here Knows When” (20 February 1993)
36. Teenage Fanclub: “Like A Virgin” (26 February 1993)
35. Fall: “The War Against Intelligence” (27 February 1993)
34. Pavement: “Summer Babe” (05 March 1993)
33. Chapterhouse: “Pearl” (06 March 1993)
32. Wedding Present: “Octopussy” (12 March 1993)
31. Babes In Toyland: “Laugh My Head Off” (13 March 1993)
30. Babes In Toyland: “Catatonic” (19 March 1993)
29. Billy Bragg: “Sexuality” (20 March 1993)
28. 70 Gwen Party : “Auto Killer UK” (26 March 1993)
27. Smashing Pumpkins: “Siva” (27 March 1993)

Part B:

» D/load     [This episode is 51 mins long/file size is 59.0mb ]

Part 3:

NOTE:Missing from this part is No.26: Pixies: “Planet Of Sound” (02 April 1993)

25. Nirvana: “Lithium” (03 April 1993)
24. Fall: “High Tension Line” (09 April 1993)
23. Slint: “Good Morning, Captain”
22. Wedding Present: “Rotterdam”
21. Foreheads In A Fishtank: “Happy Shopper”
20. Slowdive: “Catch The Breeze” (24 April 1993)
19. Boo Radleys: “Finest Kiss”
18. Babes In Toyland: “Handsome & Gretel”
17. Moose: “Suzanne”
16. Nirvana: “Drain You”
15. Catherine Wheel: “Black metallic”
14. Wedding Present: “Fleshworld”
13. Gallon Drunk: “Some Fools Mess”

Part C:

» D/load     [This episode is 1hr 3mins long/file size is 72.44mb ]

Part 4:

12. Wedding Present: “Dare”
11. Primal Scream: “Higher Than The Sun”
10. Hole: “Teenage Whore”
09. Fall: “A Lot Of Wind”
08. Wedding Present: “Dalliance”
07. Hole: “Burn Black”
06. Teenage Fanclub: “The Concept”
05. Teenage Fanclub: “Star Sign”
04. Fall: “Edinburgh Man”
03. Curve: “Ten Little Girls”
NOTE:Missing from this part is No.2 & No.1:PJ Harvey: “Dress” – Nirvana: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Part D:

» D/load     [This episode is 49mins long/file size is 56.7mb ]

As mentioned at the top, this was originally sourced via A North Country Bhoy and hopefully we’ll see him again someday.

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  1. What happened to 1 and 2?!

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