Podcast: Peel Out In The States Programs 23 & 24


This shambolic mess you see before you is looked after by a British expat, now living in the United States.

In the U.S.A there is a national radio station. The publicly funded (from donations and grants) NPR and they have a wide range of genres covered on their music section. But nothing really comparable to what John Peel used to do on his shows.

Soon after moving here I was very happy though to discover local college radio stations… These stations have programmes presented by students from the college campus and most importantly – no playlists.

They have like NPR some shows dedicated some some musical genres, but on the whole when searching around you can find a student DJ just playing what they like.

I wholly recommend that you have a browse around, some great discoveries to be made.
– Start at the College Radio Day website, which has a directory of college stations in each state.

College Radio Day does as it says on the tin. The next one is on Tuesday October 2nd, so mark your calendar.

The reason I’m mentioning college radio is that John Peel was broadcast on some college stations.

John Peel recorded a series of half-hour radio programmes specifically for an American audience in the early ’90s. These were put on CD, two shows per disc, and distributed to the various stations, mostly colleges though.

Because of work commitments I don’t have any spare time to create one of my compilation podcasts, so for now here is one of the Peel Out In The States broadcasts:


  • Pépé Kallé – Vengi
  • The Element of Crime – Delinquntsquint
  • Skinned Teen – Karate Hairdresser
  • SP 23 – Out of the Blue
  • Deep Turtle – Resalia
  • Otello Poti – Fiorentina Canzole Viola
  • godheadSilo – You Must Pay
  • The Mark Four – I’m Leaving
  • Cocoa Tea & Charlie Chaplin – Heads of Government
  • The Vacuum Cleaners – Bob Corn
  • Fabric – Colossus
  • Deezal Electric – Moth
  • Skinned Teen – Punk Rockfest
  • Symbols – Last Rose of Summer
  • Breed – The Greatest Story Ever Told
  • Peril – Exchange Rate

» D/load   [File size is 54MB/57 mins long]

Thank you for listening.

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Peel Out In The States Programs 23 & 24

  1. Just wanted to stop by & post a massive thanks for doing these Pods. Gone back & downloaded them all and slowly working my way through them! Great stuff.

    Any chance you could post a Peel Acres special Pod? Listened recently to the Blur special & be great to listen to PJ Harvey, White Stripes & Supergrass compilation!

    Thanks again for putting these together.

    1. Nice idea Simon, I’ll have a look.

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