#KeepingItPeel – 2012

John Peel drawing by Lee Thacker

And so… once again… for those who listened, we are:


If you haven’t heard of this event before… have a read of this which has some explanation.

In summary:
Today (October 25th) is a day designated for bloggers, tweeters, facebookers… and for you, who tuned in to Radio 1 every night to hear John Peel’s dulcet tones. Also to hear some sometimes strange noises coming out of your radio. On this day – October 25th – we commemorate and celebrate the memory of one the most influential DJ’s who ever was. How we do that is by posting on Facebook or writing a blog, or tweeting a link (using the hashtag #keepingitpeel) with your favourite Peel Session track.

Sidenotes - Before you listen have a read:

– I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by Louder Than War about the #KeepingItPeel day.

– Also on Louder Than War: One and a half rhinoceroses: A defence of John Peel against the Daily Mail (and others).

We Love All That shares his thoughts with John Peel: home truths.

– A commentary in the Liverpool Post – Will Batchelor: Is much-loved radio icon John Peel too important not to forgive ?.

– A thoughtful article: Fade in gently, in which the author wants John Peel’s legacy to be one of both curmudgeonliness and compassion.

– An article and interview on Louder Than War about Dandelion Radio: The Radio Station Inspired By John Peel.

– More from Louder Than War/Dandelion Radio: Quick Fire John Peel Related Questions To Dandelion Radio DJ’s

– Also on Louder Than War: John Peel – A Tribute by Kevin Robinson.

We’ll be posting live updates of every #keepingitpeel mention. If you spot something out in the wild that isn’t on here yet Tweet us @keepingitpeel or use the contact form or post a comment below:

– Starting off with a special edition podcast. The theme of the pod this time came from a comment posted by Simon last February. It has taken us until now to finally put it together.
These are small excerpts randomly taken from broadcasts that John did from his home in Suffolk.
Read more about Peel Acres and the show at the Peel Wiki.

KeepingItPeel Podcast – Peel Acres


  • 3rd December 1998 – First ever show from Peel Acres
  • Ratio – Subsequent
  • Sizzler – On The Battlefield
  • The Fall – Shake Off (6th May 1999)
  • Bush Chemists – Respect Dubwise
  • Roy Head – Treat Her Right (12th July 2001)
  • Mush – Sludge Rock
  • Blur – Chinese Bombs (Live at Peel Acres)
  • Cinerama – Crusoe (Live acoustic at Peel Acres)
  • Kato – Feng Shui (3rd Dec 1998)
  • Union Kid – Here Comes Chunk (29th July 1999)
  • Moroccos – Red Hot and Chilli Mac
  • Loudon Wainwright III – The Doctor (Live in Peel Acres)
  • Peel gives Supergrass a tour through his house and the record collection. They then play Elvis – C’mon Everbody (Viva Las Vegas soundtrack)
  • Supergrass – Live at Peel Acres

  • – Strange Ones
  • – Pumping On Your Stereo
  • – The Sun Hits The Sky
  • – Lenny
  • – Caught By The Fuzz
  • – Richard III
  • – Mary

Listen here:
» D/load     [This pod is 1 hr 19mins long/file size is 72.6mb]

Online radio:

» Dandelion Radio are always Keeping It Peel with their online radio station. Check their schedule for all the special Peel-related shows.

» Barricade Radio are doing a John Peel tribute in their shows all this week. You can listen in here.

» This Saturday (27th) there will be a John Peel Special on 6 Towns Radio from 5-7pm

» Steve Oliver will be doing a John Peel tribute this Sunday (28th) on his Sunday Alternative radio show.


» We Love All That has Sheffield Peel: Part I – Pulp at Peel Acres. As well as this, this, this, this and… ah just go and read everything there.

» Plain Or Pan are #KeepingItPeel with the first Peel Session that the Inspiral Carpets ever did.

» BarryGruff (that’s his real name y’know) is featuring The Flaming Stars

» Acid Ted has dug out some obscure music from Locust (Mark van Hoen). Worth a listen.

» Across The Kitchen Table has the Jesus and Mary Chain from 1984.

» Bagging Area has Four Skinny Indie Kids Drinking Weak Lager

» Random radio jottings are remembering John Peel today.

» Obscure Music and Football is doing a series on bad cover versions. Chumbawamba recorded a Peel Session, but being the subversives they were decided all their songs were going to be covers. How good/bad was it ? Have a listen to them doing Agadoo and decide for yourself…

» Minnesota Public Radio – on the Current Music Blog they are remembering John Peel

» On the Gypsy Death And You blog he is commemorating John Peel today.

» We Love All That is back with Sheffield Peel II: a Peel Session selection, which includes the Cabs, Comsats and more…

» Maggot Caviar is having a Peelfest !, with Peel Sessions from the 70’s to the 90’s.

» A podcast from Jonathan Greer: Slow Thrills: Plundering the John Peel Archive

» And finally if you have nearly 3 hours to spare then Mixless has 70 Years Of Music for you.

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  1. i have listend to all of these thank you 🙂

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