John Peel: Sónar 2002

Sheila and John - Sonar 2002

I should clarify that unlike later years, this isn’t John Peel at Sónar, but instead it’s excerpts taken from his shows broadcast on Radio 1 on 18th June and 20th June 2002 (19th June not available).

In this podcast I’ve included two live sets Peel included in his shows. All the the performances you can find below. Why only these two ? Well because apart from the one from Cex, all the other live sets were at least 30 minutes long.


  • Organ Donors – Radio Waves (12″)
  • Uplifter – What Kinder World
  • Beach Boys – 409
  • Modey Lemon – His Face
  • Duster Bennett – It’s A Man Down There
  • Cex - Unknown (Recorded Live At Sonar 2002)
  • Brainbombs – Driving Through Leeds
  • Elephant Man – War And Peace
  • DJ Lopez - Recorded Live At Sonar 2002
  • Coin-Op – Southpaw
  • Gossip – Ain’t It The Truth
  • Grupo Batuque – ‘Brasileiros E Ingleses

» D/load   [File size is 72MB/1hr 15 mins long]

The live sets aired by Peel on 18/20th June shows:
Cex – Unknown – Sonar 2002
Kid606 – Sonar 2002
Audioperu – Sonar 2002
DJ Lopez – Sonar 2002


Sónar 2002 was particularly memorable because it took place at the same time as the 2002 World Cup (being played in South Korea/Japan). There were screens set up all around Barcelona so that everybody could watch. John Peel in his shows, captured in the podcast above mentioned the England v Brazil game – and below as you’ll see, more football watching.
Lastly there was another footie and music connection in that Sonar used a footballing icon (because of the World Cup maybe) as a promotional tool for the festival.
That icon was one Diego Armando Maradona.


When he was at Sonar in 2002, John recorded some video clips which were added to a special page on the Radio 1 website. These were done though before broadband was widespread and we were all dialling up on 56k. Another thing was that these clips were in Real Player video format. Real Player remember that ? Now how many of you have it still installed on your computer ? So the problem is that all of us here in the future can’t watch these clips from the past. But I’ve worked out a way of extracting all of the clips John (and Sheila) recorded and I’ve uploaed them to You Tube for archival purposes.
As mentioned it was dial up and Real Player so these clips are a very low and not very good quality:

View a list of all the videos here.
View some photographs here and here.

Sadly this is the only John Peel/Sonar appearances mentioned on the Radio 1 website. There’s nothing for his 2001, 2003 and 2004 shows…


Our friend over at Life has Surface Noise has the audio from these broadcasts, which unlike the above, were live from Barcelona and not from Peel Acres a couple of days later:

Bonus download:
(Thanks to Jake) – A live recording of John Peel’s set at Sonar 2001:

Download [File size is 91MB/1 hr 3mins]


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