Podcast Special: Home Truths With John Peel


You come here to listen, not to read so I’ll be brief.

Many of you know or remember John Peel from his Radio 1 or BFBS radio shows, but there was another radio programme which he presented (from 1998 until his death) that you might have missed…

Home Truths was broadcast on Radio 4 and became a hugely popular show thanks to Peelie’s natural, relaxed style.

The wikipedia entry:

“The show was essentially a talk show where the host would interview ordinary people with an extraordinary story to tell. There was also considerable correspondence with its listeners. Home Truths was based on a previous show called Offspring (which aired from 1995 to 1997), also hosted by Peel. Home Truths took essentially the same format as its predecessor, but widened the remit from talking about the relationship between parents and children to discussion of all aspects of life.

In the confessional format, John Peel was a gifted interviewer who succeeded in drawing humorous, quirky and sad stories out of listeners without sensationalising or resorting to mawkishness.”

After his passing there were a number of guest presenters who sat in, but as with these things, it was never the same…

Thanks to the wonderful world wide web (and the BBC) there are still many archived shows still available. I am going to post a few here for your consumption to listen to during this summer – and beyond I hope.

Peel’s first show (1998). Only the first 16 minutes of it though:

This is 25 minutes of another show. Broadcast date unknown:

Fast forward to 2004:

This was John’s last ever broadcast – 16th October 2004:

After his passing a tribute show was aired:

Then nearly a year later Tom Robinson visited Sheila and the kids at Peel Acres:

ADDITONAL: As well as these above, the BBC have also preserved quite a number of archived programmes on their website – BUT – that section, like the BBC Keeping It Peel page hasn’t been updated and uses old technology. Before you go and listen again I recommend downloading and installing Media Player Classic or VLC Media Player.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Special: Home Truths With John Peel

  1. An absolute pleasure hearing these broadcasts again…ahh, Saturday mornings in bed with tea & toast and Home Truths, pre offspring of course. Downloadable now so you can listen to ’em anywhere on your mobile device thingy

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