Podcast: Mixed Peel

nme - john peel cover 1979

Remember when the NME used to be good…

In recent years there’s been an emergent number of dedicated music websites that do an excellent job of what the NME used to do years ago.
The magazine website has become vapid shell, recycling Daily Mail-like articles about well known acts.

But it didn’t used to be like that. Before the web New Musical Express was the leading publication for news about new and breaking artists. It was the newspaper version of what John Peel was doing on the radio.

Also years ago they used to give away free cassettes (and later CD’s) with tracks from new bands, or live or remixed versions of songs done by artists first covered by the magazine.

They didn’t give away all the cassettes though. The item featured below (released in 1997) was made in collaboration with Strange Fruit and was via mail order only. As you will see from the track list, this is virtually a greatest hits album.

The introductory text on the cassette reads:

“This is a selection of original recordings made for the John Peel Show on Radio One.
Strange Fruit Records and New Musical Express are grateful for the cooperation of the artistes, record companies, music publishers and of course to Peely and his producer John Walters.”

Because this is from a cassette and not one of my radio show compilation podcasts, it does not feature the voice of Peel himself, just the artists who performed.


  1. The Undertones – Here Comes The Summer
  2. Wire – I Am The Fly
  3. Robert Wyatt – I’m A Believer
  4. Madness – Bed & Breakfast Man
  5. Gang of Four – At Home He’s A Tourist
  6. New Order – 5-8-6
  7. The Slits – Love And Romance
  8. Billy Bragg – Love Gets Dangerous
  9. The Adverts – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
  10. The Birthday Party – Release The Bats
  11. Culture – Two Sevens Clash
  12. The Ruts – Sus
  13. The Folk Devils – Ink Runs Dry
  14. T-Rex – Ride A White Swan
  15. The Fall – Put Away
  16. Mighty Wah! – Basement Blues-The Story Of The Blues
  17. The Electro Hippies – Mega Armageddon Death/Chickens
  18. The Damned – New Rose
  19. That Petrol Emotion – Can’t Stop

  » D/load     [This pod is 57 mins long/file size is 52.4MB]

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Mixed Peel

  1. Reblogged this on Another Kind Of Mind and commented:
    Finally had a chance to properly listen to this – it’s full of great tunes and Peel favourites! Recommended…

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