Keeping It Peel podcast – Random Selections

keeping it peel podcast - random selections

In what has been a long time now. Out of the blue and probably very unexpected – another #keepingitpeel podcast…

Because of work elsewhere I’ve not had a sufficient amount of time to curate any new podcasts. The #keepingitpeel twitter account is very active in the meantime, if you are interesting in anything John Peel related.

For now though, a new pod which does as it says on the tin. A very random selection of songs played by Peelie. I’ve gone to all sources to compile this selection. You’ll hear a couple of tracks from a Festive Fifty, as well as a Peel Session and a couple of excerpts from a BFBS broadcast:

Keeping It Peel – Random Selections:


– Blacktop – Mojo Kitty (BFBS 6th May 1995)
    » From 1983 Festive Fifty – 22nd Dec 83:
– S.P.K – Metal Dance (12 inch)
– Cocteau Twins: Hithertoo
[February 1982 – John talking about his Top Of The Pops debut in 1968]
– Peel plays a rare single by Kenny Dalglish & Sandy Jardine (5th Sept 1979)
– Mangi Mahal – Kalli Takkarein (2003)
– Long Fin Killie and Mark E. Smith – The Heads Of Dead Surfers (BFBS 6th May 1995)
[Peel sets a competition to ask listeners what foreign language is spoken (Finland’s Rockradio 6th April 1989)]
– Icarus – Don’t Put Reggae In A Bag (Peel Session) (11th Dec 1980)
– Maher Shalal Hash Baz – Stone In The River
– I, Ludicrous – Stuck In A Lift With Noel Edmonds (1989)
– Tot – Kill All The Boys (1987)

» Download
45 mins / 37.14MB

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