John Peel Day Events – 2015

John Peel Day events - 2015

One of the many famous things Peel said which applies even more now:


Below are notices of live shows featuring bands that did a Peel Session or that he played.

There are also gigs involving new bands. This is very much in the spirit of John Peel and I’m sure he would have approved.

» If you know of any John Peel Day events drop us a line or tweet via @keepingitpeel.


Friday 2nd October 2015 –

Scared To Dance presents: Tigercats/The Hayman Kupa Band/Model Village

The Shackwell Arms, 71 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, London, E8 2EB   [Map]

Scared To Dance’s gig night is back at The Shacklewell Arms for our fourth show of the year on Friday 2nd October!

Having carved out a coveted space in the scuzzier realm of kinetic indiepop, London five-piece Tigercats have now delivered second album Mysteries, an assuredly contagious record bristling with melody and noise, and mapped out on a lyrical landscape populated by gated longings, bleached-out city skies, and skewed entanglements of the heart.

Tigercats make music that stems from the weird collision point between Half Japanese, Hefner, Daniel Johnston, Prince and Orange Juice, shuttling through this heady constellation armed with a pop sensibility marked out by its eloquence and ferocity. Duncan Barrett and Laura Kovic articulate sweet laments and aspersions over swathes of magnetic agit-glam-punk noise which prowls an alternately feral and refined musical terrain.


The Hayman Kupa Band is a supergroup comprising of Darren Hayman of Darren Hayman and Hefner fame, Emma Kupa formerly of Standard Fare and current Mammoth Penguin, Fever Dream drummer Cat Loye and Michaelmas a.k.a. Michael Wood on bass.


Model Village are some kind of pop band from London and Cambridge with a form book as long as your arm where previous bands are concerned. None of that matters now though, so come and revel in the Model Village of the future. Dan, Ian, Kenny, Kev, Piers, and Lily currently make up the residents’ committee.

// DJ //

Our resident DJ Sam Cottis of the blog For The Rabbits will be spinning records in-between the bands.




Mon 5th – Fri 9th October 2015 –

BBC 6 Music Live At Maida Vale

BBC 6 Music Live - 2015

6 Music Live 2015

Starting October 5th, Lauren Laverne will be broadcasting from the legendary Maida Vale studios with a week of extraordinary live music from some of the finest artists around.

Line up:

Monday 5th Oct: Bloc Party

Tuesday 6th Oct: Leftfield

Wednesday 7th Oct: The Staves

Thursday 8th October: Mercury Rev

Friday 9th October: New Order:
BBC 6 Music Live - New Order



Saturday 10th October 2015 –

Damnably’s NINTH Birthday/World International John Peel Day

Windmill Brixton, 22 Blenheim Gardens
London SW2 5BZ   [Map]

Damnably began with a Peel Day at the Windmill Brixton 9 years ago. Join us as we retrace our birth at Damnably’s NINTH (Circle Of HELL Birthday/World International John Peel Day).
Damnably presents - World International Peel Day 2015
9 Bands on the main stage & 9 acts on the Acoustic Stage, with some cover songs from Peel sessions, Peel favourites and Damnably back catalogue DJ’ed.

Main Stage
Slowgun (O Genesis)
BRUJA (Barnsley)
smallgang (Damnably)
monster island (Manchester)
Molasses (Cambridge)
echolocation (Leicester)
Former Utopia (Damnably)

Acoustic Stage
MJ Hibbett (AAS/Pereborough)
Capt.Lovelace (Damnably/France)
Splintered Man (Wickford)
Russell and the Wolf Choir (Romford)
We Are Passerines (smallgang/ Crumbling Ghost)
More Bad Times (Peruga, Italy)



Tuesday 13th October 2015 –

Remembering John Peel at Word In Your Ear

The Islington, 1 Tolpuddle Street, London N1 0XT   [Map

On October 13th at The Islington we present a special evening dedicated to the life and legacy of John Peel.
Word In Your Ear
Eleven years after his death we’re taking advantage of the publication of a splendid new book looking closely at the music he played on his radio programmes to celebrate his unique contribution to the cultural life of modern Britain. On The Islington’s comfortable sofas that evening will be:

David Hepworth, who remembers Peel introducing Cream’s live version of Crossroads in 1968 and interviewed him on what seemed to be the very advanced occasion of his fortieth birthday in 1979;

Mark Ellen, who tasted the poisoned chalice known as “sitting in for Peel” during the 80s and interviewed him on more than one occasion;

Trevor Dann, who was one of the radio presenters who learned how to DJ from listening to Peel, and as part of Radio One’s management in the 90s had many dealings with Peel;

David Cavanagh, who’s written a new book called Good Night and Good Riddance, which tracks in detail the music that Peel played and the things he said between the music over a period of thirty-five years.

There’ll be archive, anecdotes, analysis, insider insight and the usual hefty slug of baseless gossip and it will all be recorded for podcasting.



Saturday 17th October 2015 –

Spinningchilli Presents: John Peel Night

The Green Door Store
Trafalgar Arches, Lower Goods Yard, Underneath Brighton Station BN1 4FQ   [Map]

Celebrating the life of the late great DJ John Peel with Piranhas Four (formerly The Piranhas), I, Ludicrous, Helen McCookerybook and Simon&thePope.
John Peel Night - Brighton - 2015

The Piranhas, now officially known as Piranhas Four, is the recently re-formed ska-punk Brighton band of Tom Hark fame. They recorded four sessions for Peelie, who made a pilgrimage to witness their influential Sunday night gigs at The Alhambra.

I, Ludicrous achieved immortality in 1987 year when ‘Preposterous Tales’ reached number 11 in the Festive 50. Their line-up since 2008 now includes Martin Brett from Voice of The Beehive.

Helen McCookerybook, bass player with 1977 Brighton punk group Joby and the Hooligans, formed The Chefs two years later. Her 80s band, Helen and the Horns did three Peel sessions. Helen’s made several solo CDs and also written The Lost Women of Rock: Female Musicians of the Punk Era.

Simon&thePope are a new south coast punk funk drum & bass duo. Drummer Simon Charterton recorded five Peel sessions with The Higsons.




Friday 23rd October 2015 –

Scared To Dance presents: Joy Division & New Order Special

The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, Dalston, London E8 3AS   [Map]

Scared To Dance returns and we’re having a Joy Division & New Order Special! You can get in on our £4 cheaplist by joining the Facebook event before doors open.

Scared To Dance - Joy Division New Order night



// MUSIC //

We’ll be playing Joy Division & New Order alongside our usual mix of indiepop, post-punk, new wave and sixties music. If you have any song requests then feel free to send them in!

Age of Consent . Atmosphere . Atrocity Exhibition . Bizarre Love Triangle . Blue Monday . Broken Promise . Ceremony . Colony . Confusion . Crystal . Dead Souls . Digital . Disorder . Everything’s Gone Green . Fine Time . Heart and Soul . Incubation . Interzone . Isolation . Krafty . Love Will Tear Us Apart . The Perfect Kiss . Procession . Regret . Restless . Round & Round . Run . Shadowplay . She’s Lost Control . Shellshock . Singularity . Spooky . State of the Nation . Sub-culture . Temptation . These Days . Touched By the Hand of God . Transmission . True Faith . Tutti Frutti . World (The Price of Love) . 60 Miles an Hour


We’ll be projecting Anton Corbijn’s brilliant film Control inside the venue.

// ENTRY //

You can either join the event to get in on our £4 cheaplist or you can buy tickets in advance for £6 to guarantee getting in from

// LINKS //

Official Site –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Mixcloud –
Instagram –

Friday 23rd October 2015 –

John PEEL night @Sovereign BY DJ RAMONE AND GUESTS

Royal Sovereign
64 Northwold Road,
Clapton, London E5 8RL   [Map]

John Peel Night


From 8.30 – 1.00am


Saturday 24th October 2015 –

Big Figure Promotions presents…Peel Regenerated

Westgarth Social Club
99 Southfield Road,
Middlesbrough TS1 3EZ   [Map]

Featuring some Peel favourites including June Brides, Terry & Gerry, Eton Crop and more.


The full line-up:
June Brides
Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk)
Terry & Gerry
Harry Stafford (Inca Babies)
Eton Crop
Church of Elvis
Disciples Of Tone

Tickets are now available from behind the bar of the Westgarth Social-Club – ring Steve the landlord on 07973 684719.

You can reserve tickets by contacting Steve 07769 258035 or Martin 07962 432250 or via the Facebook event page:



Saturday 24th October 2015 –

John Peel Tribute Day

King William IV
152 Hallgate, Cottingham,
East Yorkshire HU16 4BD   [Map]

A beautiful afternoon + evening of music to celebrate the life of the late and great John Peel – a campaigner of great original live music.
John Peel Tribute Day

It will be Crooked Weather’s last UK gig before Hol & Will run away to New Zealand for a little while. They’ll be playing alongside London based psych jam collective Léscines and amazing folk blues trio Cosmo House. This will be their last gig on their Wanderlust tour.

Also performing is:
Born To Lose (York)
Katie Spencer
Queenan Cox
Tim O’Connor
My One Man Band
Dogfinger Steve
& David Tomlinson




Sunday 25th October 2015 –

Tuff Life Boogie presents – Un-Peeled 2015

The Continental, South Meadow Lane,
Preston, Lancashire PR1 8JP   [Map]

Un-Peeled, Preston’s tribute to the late great DJ John Peel returns in 2015 with a terrific line-up packed full of Peel session vets and great new bands.
Tuff Life Boogie presents Un-Peeled 2015
The 2015 show features ultra-rare appearances from two of Bristol’s most lauded post-punk groups: Maximum Joy and the Glaxo Babies.

Other artists that can truly be described as ‘Peel Favourites’ on the bill include Dutch band Eton Crop, JD Meatyard (ex-Levellers 5/Calvin Party) and John Hyatt’s Glamogoth (3 Johns), who can boast 18 John Peel sessions between them.

A selection of new acts from left of the dial include Sauna Youth who will be playing two sets, the second in their ‘Monotony’ guise.

Full line up:
Maximum Joy, Glaxo Babies, Sauna Youth, Monotony, JD Meatyard, John Hyatt’s Glamogoth, Eton Crop, Pulled Pork, Pill Fangs, Cannonball Statman, John Lee Hartley, Peaness, Fighting.

Running order to be finalised.



Saturday 7th November 2015 –

Lou & Rob present RE:Peel

The Cluny
36 Lime Street,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2PQ   [Map]

Lou & Rob return to the decks in the hallowed space that is The Cluny


We’re bringing RE:Peel, a fine DJ night, to a fine music venue in the shape of The Cluny bar. Expect the usual mix of music from your own collection and maybe the odd surprise.

This is the first of our new monthly residency at The Cluny which sees us pitch up on the first Saturday of every month, record boxes crammed with quality.

From 8pm until midnight.

Free entry, as ever.


Saturday 14th November 2015 –

Eclectic Originals presents John Peel Tribute Day 2015

Imperial Music Bar
22 Hope St, Filey YO14 9DL

John Peel Tribute Day 2015

Featuring great live music from:
The Tall Boy, Lottie Holmes, Horizon, Carrie Martin, Thee Strawberry Mynde, Echotwin, The Republic Of Trees, Stray Scene, Dogfinger Steve and more TBC


Friday 20th November 2015 –

How Does It Feel To Be Loved? presents John Peel Special

Shacklewell Arms, 71 Shacklewell Lane, London E8 2EB   [Map]

How Does It Feel To Be Loved? presents John Peel Special at the Shacklewell Arms

John Peel

Last year, we put on a one-off club night in Brixton called Always Different, Always The Same, where the playlist consisted exclusively of songs that had appeared in one of the Festive Fifty end of year charts. This was from any year – dating back to 1976 when the Festive Fifty was a list of the Peel listeners’ all-time favourite songs right up to the final Festive Fifty to run before John’s death in 2004 – and from any genre.

As you can imagine, it was a gloriously eclectic journey through the history of leftfield and alternative music, from 60s classics and 70s punk to 80s indie to 90s noise and beyond. We played the Wedding Present, The Smiths, Pixies, Sonic Youth, The Undertones, Dinosaur Jr, Joy Divison and Belle & Sebastian, as well as Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, the Sex Pistols, The Who and more, plus tons of oddities and unexpected treats, many of them introduced by the great man himself, from recordings of the Festive Fifties. It was such a fantastic night that we’ve been itching it do it all over again, and so we’ve decided to bring the night to the Shacklewell Arms for a HDIF John Peel special.

11pm-3am, £4 for members, £6 for non-members, membership is free from


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