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John Peel VPRO

Another pod and this is part two of the BFBS/VPRO podcast recently done…

This edition features more from Peel’s broadcasts on VPRO, as well as some tracks from his BFBS shows.
If you are interested in listening to shows from BFBS other than Peel’s, have a look at the BFBS Radio Show Archive.

A few notes before we get to the latest pod:

» Thank you to Dutch journalist Robert Lagendijk for taking the time to drop us a line and to let us know that you can listen to a full John Peel/VPRO show on their website.

» Additionally – an article by Erik Quint looks at John Peel and his time at VPRO.

Keeping It Peel Podcast – VPRO/BFBS


  1. (VPRO) Opening of the show, intro by John Peel and he plays: Shop Assistants – Safety Net (29th January 1986)
  2. (VPRO) John talks about a compilation LP released featuring English bands and one Dutch band: Eton Crop – Boringisms (10th October 1984)
  3. (BFBS) John (with a cold) mentions that there’s a TV monitor in the studio distracting him with people taking part in motorcross and falling off their motorcycles. He then plays: John Parish and PJ Harvey – Rope Bridge Crossing (10th October 1996)
  4. (VPRO) Roland Smith’s Rascals – Kicking The Gong Around (29th January 1986)
  5. (BFBS) John mentions that he once held the door open for Muhammad Ali and then plays: The Members – Solitary Confinement (8th January 1988)
  6. (VPRO) John introduces the first single from the East Kilbride band: Jesus and Mary Chain – Upside Down (10th October 1984)
  7. (VPRO) Guana Batz – You’re My Baby after the song: “Brian our engineer just said, “Hey that’s good, isn’t it!” They’re all good, all the records on these programmes, all terrific. Everything that’s played on VPRO, fantastic!” (August 1985)
  8. (BFBS) David McCallum – My Carousel – This is from an LP that the Man From Uncle/Sapphire and Steel actor recorded in the 1960’s.   and then:
  9. John has perked up from his cold and plays: Spent – Umbrella Wars (both from 10th October 1996)
  10. (BFBS) The end of his show on this broadcast and he plays: Chris Liberator – Compressed To Impress   and then:
  11. The Fall – Container Drivers (both from 10th April 2000)
  12. (VPRO) John signs off from his first VPRO show (10th October 1984) with Go-Betweens – The Old Way Out

With thanks to Dirk and Contraflow.

» Download (41.2MB / 44mins 32secs)

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