Keeping It Peel MCR – Friday 14th October

Keeping It Peel MCR - Fri 14th October 2016

Advanced notice for an event on October 14th – Attendance is compulsory…

The author of this site is originally from the North West so when I spotted the mention of this I was only too happy to give it a plug. If you are in Manchester and find yourself free on Friday 14th October then get yourself down to this. The event is FREE so there are no excuses. As I said above you have no choice. You have to go.

They will be playing music by Manchester bands that John Peel aired on his programmes, as well as some other decent tunes.
Mono Chorlton
It is taking place at Mono Chorlton
535 Wilbraham Road,
South Manchester, M21 0UE
» Map/Directions
(Trams: B, C, D. Nearest station: Chorlton, across the road)

It was be from 9pm onwards and it is FREE ENTRY

Get more info via twitter @KeepItPeelMCR or via their facebook page:

Additionally: I’ve created some #keepingitpeel badges which I’ll be posting to Keeping It Peel MCR.
These will be very limited edition badges and they’ll be handed out to the first 20 people through the door on October 14th.
keeping it peel badge_

I’ve created a YouTube playlist of some Peel-related MCR bands to get you in the mood:

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