Keeping It Peel Podcast – Mary Anne Hobbs

Keeping It Peel podcast - Mary Anne Hobbs

On another anniversary of John’s passing, another podcast. This subject of this one though is about another DJ.   Nobody more encapsulates the spirit of John Peel than Mary Anne Hobbs.

Mary Anne has always said that John was her dream Dad. After her own took his life a few years before, Peelie became a second father to her and a muscial influence. Her eclectic genre-free taste and tireless championing of the new while tipping the hat to the pioneers of the past certainly makes Mary Anne Hobbs a viable heir (ess) to the Peel throne.

As well as her weekend breakfast spot, Mary Anne presents the BBC 6 Music programme 6 Music Recommends which along with Steve Lamacq, some bloke called Tom Ravenscroft and Lauren Laverne, are continuing in keeping it Peel.

Here for you now is the newest Keeping It Peel podcast with Mary Anne Hobbs featuring on John’s show. The majority of them are from when she popped in to plug her own show which followed his at midnight.

It is once again thanks to the irreplaceable and essential John Peel Wiki for the source of all these clips.
Also a big thank you to Mark Venning (@weloveallthat) and of course, MAH.

Keeping It Peel Podcast – Mary Anne Hobbs


  1. 26th Feb 2002   “Mary Anne Hobbs…”   John has a chat with Mary Anne about her show and then plays Kanda Bongo Man – Bili (Peel Session)
  2. 13th Jan 2004   Unfinished Sympathy – Praying For Time   “…You are never less than enthusiastic about your programmes, Mary Anne. Do you ever feel ‘well this is a rather ordinary sort of programme…’ ?” “Never !”   Well fair enough then…”
  3. 30th July 2002   Lonesome River Band – Willow Garden   JP chats to MAH about her show and then – Coin-Op – Milk (Peel Session) Mary Anne tells John about her experience of going to see the now reformed Sex Pistols and John talks about trying to go and see them in 1977 on their banned tour.
  4. 5th Feb 1998   Delgadoes – Pull The Wires From The Wall   Mary Anne tells John a joke but he says he’s not very good with jokes.
  5. 20th Oct 1998   Quickspace – Bathtime (Peel Session)   John asks Mary Anne if she’s seen the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, specifically the list of the men we love. And at number 47…
  6. 23rd July 2002   Misty In Roots – Dance Hall (Peel Session)   Chat with Mary Anne about her show and they talk about the Kerrang awards.
  7. 28th Sept 1999   Ben Long – Phazer   At first John plays this track at the wrong speed. Chat with MAH and John tells her he’ll be in his hotel room trying to stay away to listen.
  8. 15th Oct 2002   Chat with Mary Anne and John says that he really does try to stay up in his hotel room and listens to her show.   MC Mabon – Hudol Ferch
  9. 11th Nov 2003   JP chats with MAH and he tells her about a distinctive photograph of Mark E. Smith that he was given and wanted to hang it in the kitchen but was overruled by Sheila.   Plaid – Upona
  10. 27th Oct 2004*   Tribute show to John Peel a few days after he passed away. Presented by Mary Anne Hobbs, who has her own John Peel moment when she plays the wrong record.   Lonnie Donegan – Frankie and Johnny   MAH then reads out an email which tells her about a Finn Brothers gig in Liverpool in which they brought Johnny Marr on stage. They perform ‘There Is A Light..’ and then break into a rendition of ‘Teenage Kicks’ – and Mary Anne then closes the show by playing:   Schneider TM and Kptmichigan – The Light 3000.

» Download (66.5mb / 1hr 12mins)

*If you want to listen to that full tribute show presented by MAH, go here.

BONUS: In commemoration for his 60th birthday, Radio 1 staged a John Peel Night. This was a six-hour special live from Maida Vale which included documentary features, live session sets from Maida Vale and a look at the Peel Sessions presented by Mary Anne:

» Download (39.95mb / 43mins)

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