Podcast – John Peel – The Fall

Podcast - John Peel - The Fall

After playing the Totally Wired track (on his 1st Sept 1980 show) John said: “I had been planning on making a long speech about The Fall and even made one or two notes, but I don’t think I’ll bother because you know it all already.”

I am echoing that here. There’s no need for me to explain apart from why this podcast suddenly appeared.

This pod, like the originally inspiration was completely unplanned and a spur of the moment thing. If you follow me on Twitter (@keepingitpeel) you will have seen last month the #FallFebruary tweets. Every day for that month I posted tracks by The Fall played by John Peel on his shows. It was when I was getting near to the end that I decided to create a podcast with all the songs. There is actually 29 tracks in this one so let’s pretend this is a leap year. Because of the length it is in two parts.

Serendipitous – This is posted at the same time of Mark E Smith’s 60th birthday.

Keeping It Peel Podcast – John Peel – The Fall – Part 1

  1. The Man Whose Head Expanded (opening of his show from 13th June 1983)
    Peel was knocked off his bike by a car the previous week and suffered some head injuries: “Hello, pals, I managed to make it through the weekend. One or two ugly pillow cases, but here I am.”
  2. Eat Y’Self Fitter (Festive Fifty No. 8 – 29th Dec 1983)
  3. Who Makes The Nazis (15th March 1982)
  4. Theme From Sparta FC – album version (Peel Acres – 2nd Oct 2003)
  5. Pay Your Rates (BFBS – 8th May 1997)
  6. Elastica with Mark E Smith – How He Wrote Elastica Man (8th July 1999)
  7. Immortality (BFBS – 15th March 1992)
    “Kenny Dalglish has it as well, at least in my book.”
  8. I Wake Up In The City (Festive Fifty No. 30 – 26th Dec 2001)
  9. Spoilt Victorian Child (BFBS – 14th Aug 1986)
  10. New Face In Hell (4th March 1981)
  11. A Figure Walks (5th Nov 1979)
  12. Hit The North – Live in Cambridge 1988 (6th April 2004)
  13. Hey! Luciani (BFBS – 20th March 1987)
  14. Hotel Blöedel (7th Dec 1983)

» Download (1 hour 6 mins/61MB)

Keeping It Peel Podcast – John Peel – The Fall – Part 2

  1. Gramme Friday (5th Jan 1981)
  2. Muzorewi’s Daughter – and – Dice Men (Rock Today on BFBS – 1st Dec 1979)
  3. Leave The Capitol (26th Oct 1987)
  4. C’n’C’s Mithering (12th Nov 1980)
  5. Contraflow(7th Oct 2003)
  6. Bill Is Dead (5th Feb 1990)
  7. The Classical (8th March 1982)
  8. Totally Wired (1st Sept 1980) See intro paragraph
  9. Rowche Rumble (14th Aug 1979)
  10. Psycho Mafia (17th Aug 1978)
  11. 15 Ways (BBC World Service – 16th Apr 1994) + Hey! Student (BBC World Service – 23rd Apr 1994)
    In the broadcast of 16th April he promised to play the B side the next week – and so…
  12. Look, Know (BFBS – 30th July 1994)
    “A little bit of Marc Riley the start of that. I wonder what it was that caused the great rift between the two of them. They don’t speak you know.”
  13. Australians In Europe – Peel Session (27th May 1987)
  14. Adult Net – Searching For The Now (Rebellious Jukebox) (22nd May 1985)
  15. Rebellious Jukebox (2nd March 2004)

» Download (1 hour 13 mins/67MB)

Additional and an alternative:
As mentioned above I tweeted the tracks which you can view either by clicking on the #FallFebruary hashtag – or via the YouTube playlist.

1 thought on “Podcast – John Peel – The Fall

  1. a work of genius about a musical genius as provided by a blogging genius.

    Thank you so much.

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