Keeping It Peel Podcast – Irish Peel Sessions

Keeping It Peel Podcast - Irish Peel Sessions

Just as with the Fall podcast (published on Mark E.Smith’s 60th birthday) this pod is released with impeccable timing for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend…

This edition of the podcast was influenced by the programme that BBC Radio Scotland put together looking at John Peel’s Scottish Sessions. It is in the hope that somebody will do a version for the Irish artists that recorded a session. I think it would make a good show.

It is with great thanks to The Fanning Sessions and Fredorrarci for their input and help in putting this together.

Below is a two-part podcast with just a small selection of the many acts emanating from the island of Ireland. The tracks were selected in random order and extracted from various recordings.

Keeping it Peel Podcast – Irish Peel Sessions Part 1

  1. Intro from 19th February 1979 and: The Idiots – Parents
    “…Actually I managed to get home for the weekend for the first time in a week because of the snow, but better than that I spent one day in Belfast and one day in Dublin and I don’t exaggerate at all when I say they were two of the best days of me life…”
  2. Microdisney – Sleepless (24th August 1983)
  3. My Bloody Valentine – I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It) (5th October 1988)
    John misreads the track as ‘I Can Feel It But I Can’t See It’
  4. The Would Be’s – All This Rubbish Is True (19th March 1990)
  5. Boomtown Rats – Like Clockwork (1st January 1979)
  6. Stars Of Heaven – Still Feeling Blue (Gram Parsons cover) (17th June 1987)
  7. A House – Endless Art (Female Version) (13th March 1992)
    The band were criticised when they released the single because it only included men, they addressed this by recording a new version.
  8. Joyrider – DRB (9th June 1995)
  9. Cane 141 – In The Sky, The Lucky Stars (24th April 2001)
    “In tonight’s session comes from Cane 151…” (Anita: “141”) “…things move on perhaps they’ll want to become Cane 151…”
  10. Big Self – Don’t Turn Around (1st February 1982)
  11. In Dust – Magnet Womb (12th February 1993)
    You can download all of the Peel Session tracks via the In Dust website
  12. The Moondogs – Talking In The Canteen (10th April 1980)
    They actually had their own TV show. Have a search on YouTube for clips.
  13. Jubilee Allstars – Foolish Guy (11th January 1997)
  14. The Undertones – Here Comes The Summer (5th February 1979)
  15. The Hitchers – Strachan (10th April 1997 – BFBS)
    Slightly bending the rules now. I was going to include a track from their Peel Session but if you know the Hitchers and you know about my other gig over at Football and Music you will understand why I included this one.
  16. Tim and Charlotte from Ash – What Deaner Was Talking About (Ween cover) – and – Girl From Mars (15th April 1999 live from Peel Acres)
  17. There is a pool competition taking place and before Tim & Charlotte performed their last two songs Flossie takes what sounds like the winning shot.

» Download (53.9mb / 58mins)

Keeping it Peel Podcast – Irish Peel Sessions Part 2

  1. (Intro from 9th June 1995 – the very first broadcast from Peel Acres)
  2. Fatima Mansions – Blues For Ceausescu (13th June 1990)
  3. Butterfly Child – Violin (1st March 1992)
  4. Rollerskate Skinny – Bow Hitchhiker (3rd July 1993)
  5. XDreamysts – Pardoned Cry (10th January 1990)
  6. The Cranberries – Linger (16th February 1992)
  7. The Frank and Walters – Fashion Crisis In New York (8th December 1991)
  8. Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device (18th September 1978)
  9. Therapy? – Autosurgery (6th February 1993)
  10. Dé Danann – Love Will You Marry Me (1st January 1979)
  11. That Petrol Emotion – V2 (24th June 1985)
  12. Sultans Of Ping FC – The Thought I Was Your Best Friend (8th March 1992)
  13. Thin Lizzy – Black Boys On The Corner (11th April 1974)
  14. Papa Sprain – Time Bath (21st March 1992)
  15. Stump – Buffalo (6th February 1987 – BFBS)
  16. Ash (feat Damian O’Neill) – Teenage Kicks (6th June 2001 – Peel Session live at Maida Vale)
    Extracted from one of the live sets played by Ash. Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3.

» Download (54.4mb / 59mins)

As mentioned thanks to The Fanning Sessions – who have compiled an extensive YouTube Playlist of the many, many artists. What you see above is just the tip of the iceberg.


5 thoughts on “Keeping It Peel Podcast – Irish Peel Sessions

  1. no therapy? their early sessions are offff the hook. still respect for getting Indust in.

    1. Hello Tim, thank you for taking the time to comment. They are included in the pod (Part 2) but I forgot to add them to the listings. Updated now. Thanks again.

  2. Reblogged this on The Fanning Sessions Archive and commented:
    Sterling work here and we get a nice mention..

  3. The Tearjerkers. Peel Sessions.

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