The Peel Session Calendar

  Is there a Peel Session for every day of the year ?

I don’t know but I’ve decided that via the medium of Twitter @keepingitpeel I will find out.

I could just do some research beforehand, but I want to discover as I go along whether there is a session of every day of the year or not.
Side note – I will be slightly cheating in that I’ll post a session that according to the YouTube uploader was either recorded on that date, or was broadcast on that date.

In order to keep track of all the sessions and to make sure I don’t double post I’ll be using Google Calendar, Tweetdeck (with the scheduled tweet function), the always fantastic Peel Wikia and of course YouTube for the Peel Sessions.

Below you will be able to see my progress throughout the year. Also to see if I can actually keep this going for the entire time.

I haven’t decided on the hashtag to use yet. It will probably be #PeelSessionCalendar

» If you have a particular Peel Session that you want to add to the calendar, either contact me here or send a tweet @keepingitpeel with the artist and date.

YT Playlist:

Google Calender:

(You’ll have to scroll back to 2018)


1 thought on “The Peel Session Calendar

  1. I’m sure there is, over the course of time everyday must of been covered, except 24/25/26/31 Dec and 1st Jan possibly?

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