Podcast – 30th of August

This is a John Peel birthday special with clips extracted from what was available via the John Peel Wiki for the above date (a couple of times the day after) – August 30th.

Before I continue another mention for the Peel Wikia and an appeal on their behalf: If it wasn’t for that project and all of the collaborators and contributors nearly everything posted here would not be possible. If you used to listen – and more importantly tape his shows and still are in possession of those cassettes, drop them a line via the John Peel radio show discussion group on Yahoo, or I can relay a message to them: contact form here or via Twitter @keepingitpeel If you have anything John Peel related that you think would be of interest, we’d like to hear from you.

There’s only a few bits audio available from Peel’s birthday date, down to various reasons. Because nobody recorded him/made them available or because he wasn’t broadcasting on that day. There are a couple of important ones though which we do have – from his 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays. But because I’ve featured clips from these shows in other pods they will not be in this one. I’ve highlighted below where to hear these.

Keeping It Peel Podcast – 30th of August

  1. Intro from 30th August 1979 show.
  2. Pirates – Johnny B Goode’s Good (session)30th August 1978
  3. Outcasts – Just Another Teenage Rebel (session)30th August 1978
  4. Skids – Sweet Suburbia30th August 1978
    “This is a record I’ve been waiting for a long time…”       “…so come on everybody let’s put the Skids where they really belong in the charts…”
  5. Max Romeo – Melt Away (12″)30th August 1978
  6. Siouxsie and the Banshees – Staircase (Mystery)30th August 1979 (40th Birthday show)
  7. Lonnie Donegan – Lost John30th August 1979
  8. Specials – Gangster30th August 1979
  9. Mike Hart – Almost Liverpool 830th August 1979
    (One of the artists who released music on John Peel’s Dandelion Records label) More info.
  10. Phil the engineer arranged for Kenny Dalglish to call Peel during the show, which he was very chuffed. – 30th August 1979
  11. Liverpool Kop Choir – You’ll Never Walk Alone30th August 1979
    (These are only a small selection from the 1979 show, if you want to listen to the whole thing: YouTube)
  12. Everything But The Girl – Ballad Of The Times (session)30th August 1984
    “I was a bit dubious about them at first to be perfectly honest with you but I like that…”
  13. Wild Bunch – Indestructible Woman30th August 1984
  14. Bobby Lee Trammel – Toolie Froolie30th August 1988
  15. The Shamen – It’s All Around30th August 1988
    (Peel pronounces their name “are” (as in art) instead of “aye” (as in hay), the sound of the band at this point is very different to what they became)
  16. Where’s The Beach – Tripping The Love Fantastic (session – edit)31st August 1989
    (John had pre-recorded his show and this was scheduled to be broadcast on 30th August 1989 but instead there was a surprise 50th birthday party live show with The Fall, Wedding Present and House Of Love all performing. You can hear these on Peel’s 50th podcast)
  17. (For his 60th birthday there was a 6 hour celebration on Radio 1 which was broadcast from the Maida Vale studios on the 31st of August 1999. I’ve extracted some parts from that night which will be featured as the next podcast, if you want to listen to the whole thing before you can d/load it here)
  18. Earl Gaines – Hymn Number 5 – and – Cinerama – Your Charmsboth 30th August 2000
  19. His studio team present him with a birthday cake – John tells the story about Britt Ekland at the Kerrang awards fell and hurt herself, one of his party at the table helped her up. Ekland said she listened to his shows all the time and Peel was tempted to ask her to name one band that he played. – 30th August 2000
  20. Herman D√ľne – Drug-Dealer in the Park – and – King Tubby – Casanova Dub30th August 2000
  21. John talks about his birthday and 30th wedding anniversary – 31st August 2004
  22. The Fall – Job Search (acetate)31st August 2004
    (Louise, Hermeet and Mark, his studio producers & engineers put together a birthday present scrapbook which included an acetate with tracks from two of his favourite bands)
  23. Kilauea Hawaiian Players – My Little Grass Shack (Pig’s Big 78)31st August 2004 (A birthday present from Mick Cashman)
  24. Half Man Half Biscuit – A Legend In My Time (acetate)31st August 2004
    (A cover version, his favourite song as sung by Roy Orbison)  
    “Ah, you ought to hear me sing that…”

» Download (67mb / 1hr 13mins)

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