What ? When ? Why ?

John Peel


What Is It ?

It is a sort of John Peel Day, but with this one it isn’t about artists who performed – it’s for those who listened…

When Is It ?

Every year on October 25th, the day we lost the great man.

Why Do It ?

To honour his memory and legacy.

The genesis of this idea came about when I read a post by Teenage Kicks (festive50.wordpress.com) which commemorated what would have been John Peel’s 71st birthday.

It was this coupled with something that The Vinyl Villian had done which inspired me to create a in which we all commemorate and remember the legendary DJ.

How Can I Get Involved ?

By posting something, anything… which is Peel related.
If you have a blog or a Twitter account then post a Peel Session track from your favourite artist and label it #keepingitpeel

If you are on Facebook you can join in too: Post a YouTube video of a Peel Session track.

Who Is Taking Part ?

The author – Webbie @ Football and Music, as well as…

… everybody.
Take a look at who contributed last year
And the year before

ยป If you are taking part, with your blog or with tumblr or twitter, or anything – then leave a comment or drop Webbie a line. We’ll add you to the list and give a mention on Twitter and on this website, of your contribution.

Don’t Forget…

#keepingitpeel – 25TH OCTOBER

9 thoughts on “What ? When ? Why ?

  1. I am a child of the peel generation and would just like to thank all the people out there, who have him in their heart, for reminding me how lucky I was to have had the pleasure of listening to his love of music on the radio open the door for me to such wonders. Thank you XXx

  2. Looking at Calexico, a band that became popular in Germany through the Peel Sessions. http://wp.me/pY9NP-vI

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