Podcast No.15 – Keeping It Covered

Number 15 ? We have reached our 15th pod already ?

Thank you to all for your continued patronage and a special big thank you to our main collaborator @rossofcourse for his dedicated work. Especially with this very special edition in which the theme is cover versions…

…and when you take a listen you will hear, as you can expect with anything Peel related – are not your usual covers.

A few words from ross about this edition:

This is something I started a while ago, but life stopped me completing it until now. The John Peel Show cover versions podcast. Contrarily the first and last tracks aren’t sourced from the John Peel show. Nor indeed is the closing track a cover version. I trust you’ll forgive me, all things considered. No cover of the many by The Fall but perhaps a braver choice, a cover OF The Fall, known to be a risky proposition at best. Whilst hardly contiguous there are some obvious connections and follow-ons here that, having looked at the track list, I am sure the more astute of you will have already sussed. Three session tracks, though one is from The Perfumed Garden era. The cover by New Order, whilst ubiquitous in music collections these days, is from its first broadcast and so blessed with the wrong name and some amusing hasty recanting…

I hope you enjoy this, and if so, please do let me know, feedback’s been very slight. Thank you.


  1. Grinderswitch – Pickin’ The Blues (Elmore James).
  2. Malako – Words Of Love (Buddy Holly).
  3. The Silver – Do You Wanna Dance? (Bobby Freeman, but this covers the version first made popular in 1962 by Cliff Richard).
  4. The Young Lions – Take Five Dub (Dave Brubeck).
  5. Teenage Fanclub et al – The Ballad Of John & Yoko (The Beatles).
  6. Galaxie 500 – Listen, The Snow Is Falling (Yoko Ono).
  7. New Order – Turn The Heater On (JPS, Keith Hudson from the first broadcast of the second Peel Session).
  8. The Slits – Heard it Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye).
  9. Husker Du – Sunshine Superman (Donovan).
  10. Claw Hammer – Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones, but as explained at length by Peel, this references Devo).
  11. Steeleye Span – Rave On (Top Gear, Buddy Holly).
  12. The Wedding Present – Rocket (Mud).
  13. The Orb – No Fun (JPS, Iggy & The Stooges, but this covers the Sex Pistols interpretation).
  14. Wreck – Various Times (The Fall).
  15. Elmore James – Pickin’ The Blues (Not a cover…)

» D/load   [File size is 84.5MB/58’35” mins long]

As ross says please leave some feedback below in the comments if you enjoyed this.

4 thoughts on “Podcast No.15 – Keeping It Covered

  1. Great stuff. Many thanks also to Ross for the tiny clip melodies – brilliant. Incidentally, any more of the first 1991 covers show available?

  2. Rather cleverly – it’s a gift – I managed to mistype my compilation notes on this and subsequently attributed the Steeleye Span Buddy Holly cover to The Perfumed Garden era in the preamble. it should, of course, say “Three session tracks, though one is from The Top Gear era.” D’ – as it were – oh!

    Steve W. Thank you; shall have a look back through the archive for the specific tape with the first covers show on it (or what I have of it) and will post a link somewhere you can find it when I do. (Twitter most likely.)

  3. Thanks for that.
    Interesting that Peel can _still_ introduce me to something extraordinary that makes me sit up and take notice.

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