John Peel: 10 Years Gone…

A decade since Peel left us – Decades of memories he left us.

John Peel

This year is a significant one because it will be 10 years since we lost the great man, so for this sad anniversary we should make sure that like all the previous #keepingitpeel days it will be one that commemorates and celebrates the memory of John Peel.
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John Peel Day Events – 2013


Before #KeepingItPeel on October 25th, there are the John Peel Day gigs.
These are live shows which feature performances by bands who recorded a Peel Session, or were played on his show. There are also live events taking place that celebrate the life of John Peel, they too are #keepingitpeel.

» If you know of any John Peel Day events drop me a line or tweet us via @keepingitpeel

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