Keeping It Peel Podcast – Lost Liverpool Bands

A while ago I created a podcast about John Peel and Liverpool – about the city, the team and the famous bands from there that he played.

Click to view the other Liverpool podcast

Although there are plenty of Merseyside acts that did make it, there’s also plenty of others that didn’t despite John Peel highlighting them. This podcast is going to shine that Peel spotlight again on these artists.

I asked via Twitter (@keepingitpeel) for people to nominate some of their favourite possibly unknown Liverpool bands. A couple of people which I regularly correspond gave me lots of names. Thank you to @roverkopite and @ooube for your input.
Also to @didnotchart, @chonburi_fc, @mattyhebditch, @DrMarkNuttall, @frankosonic, @robotbytheriver, @barryhughes70, @stephenhuppert and @walnutbackpack for their suggestions.

The band details come courtesy of link2wales – Liverpool band encyclopedia.

Keeping It Peel Podcast – Lost Liverpool Bands

  1. Intro from BFBS show – 5th January 1983
  2. Tunnel Users – Dance ? (13th July 1982. No intros)
    Colin Pennington (gtr,voc) (later of Decemberists, Hell Fire Sermons, James), Phil Butcher (voc), Clint Gannicliffe (keys), Gary Rowlandson (drms) (died 2006), Paul Maloney (bass), Geraldine French (voc), Jeff Hill (keys). » More info
  3. Original Mirrors – Panic In The Night (25th March 1980)
    Steve Allen (voc) (ex Deaf School, Perils in Plastic), Ian Broudie (gtr) (later Big in Japan, Lightning Seeds, Care, Wild Swans), Jimmy Hughes (bass), Jonathon Perkins (keys) (later Silver Spurs), Pete Kircher (drms)
  4. Hambi & The Dance – Too Late To Fly The Flag (20th May 1981. No intros)
    Hambi Harolambous (voc,gtr) (ex Tontrix), Wayne Hussey (gtr) (ex Walkie Talkies, later Dead or Alive, Sisters of Mercy), Steve Lovell (gtr) (ex Hollycaust, later with Julian Cope), Gazza Johnson (bass) (later China Crisis), Chris Hughes (ex Tontrix, later Adam & The Ants), & a dancer, Paul Rutherford (later Frankie Goes To Hollywood).
  5. Hellfire Sermons: H.O.N.E.Y.M.O.O.N. (4th December 1989)
    Colin Pennington (voc,gtr,keys) (ex Tunnel Users), Andrew Deevey (voc,gtr), Andrew Ford(bass), Chris Harrison (drms)
  6. Jegsy Dodd – The Day My Flat Turned Weird / Welcome To Hillview Heights / A Scouse Werewolf In London / No Place To Run (4th Sept 1985. No intros)
    Four of the seven spoken word/poetry tracks recorded on 6th August 1985, these extracted from the repeat airing. Dodd recorded his session after he sent Peel a demo tape. At Peel’s suggestion he formed a band to work with, which he called The Sons of Harry Cross, a reference to the Brookside character.
  7. Barbel – Shadow Of A Doubt (session) (12th February 1990)
    Roger Sinek (drms) (later Mr Ray’s Wigworld), Ali Williams (keys) (ex Flo & The Frets), Greg Milton (voc,gtr), Dave Morgan (bass) (ex Jactars).
  8. Come In Tokio – Walk Away (session) (17th February 1982. No intros) [See below]
    Phil Wylie (voc,gtr) (brother of Pete Wylie) (later of Big Scream), Alan Currie (drms), Frank Mahon (bass), John Jenkins (keys) (later Persuaders), John Gillin (gtr) » More info
  9. A Formal Sigh – Ev Rev (session) (10th September 1981)
    Formed around the kernel of Mark Peters (bass guitar) and Flo Sullivan (vocals and keyboards). Robin Surtees (guitar) joined the pair within days. He was followed, after several auditions and temporary drummers, by Roger Sinek (drums) and Greg Milton (guitar and bass). Mark Peters had previously played with The Names (aka The Famous Names).
  10. 23rd Turnoff – Michael Angelo (FSK Germany July 2004)
    (This is one of the psychedelic tracks selected by Will Sergeant from Echo & The Bunnymen to be played on the show. Originally recorded in 1967)
    Their band named after the exit from the M6 motorway onto the East Lancashire Road to Liverpool. The song “Michael Angelo” had been conceived by Jimmy Campbell while The Kirkbys were traveling in their van on the way to Finland for their second tour in 1966. Jimmy had been reading a biography on Michaelangelo and arriving in Finland, the group’s van slid down a steep slope and crashed, leaving the band stranded in a log cabin for a week during which Jimmy wrote “Michael Angelo”
  11. The Cherry Boys – Kardomah Café (session) (6th April 1982)
    Chris Sharrock (drms) (ex Young World, later Icicle Works, La’s, Lightning Seeds), John Cherry (gtr,voc), Keith Gunson (bass,voc) (ex City Lights, later Caroline 199), James Hughes (keys) (ex City Lights, later Exhibit B) & Howie Minns (drms) (ex City Lights, later Exhibit B, Bamboo Fringe, Macc Lads) joined in ’81.
  12. Jactars – Pull The Plug (session) (20th November 1989)
    Ian Travis (voc,gtr), Tony Lonorgan (keys), Dave Morgan (bass) (later Barbel), Huw Williams (drms) (ex Crikey It’s The Cromptons, The Big I Am)
  13. 3D (A Fish In Sea) – Pantau (session) (13th September 1983) [See below]
    Fred Palethorpe (Drums), John Reynolds (Guitar), Steve Spurgin (Keyboards), Phil Martin (Saxophone), Richie Holmes (Vocals), Dave Edge (Bass), John Corner (Vocals, Saxophone)
    Also: 3D – 2nd Peel Session (25th November 1982)
  14. Benny Profane – Beam Me Up (session) (29th June 1999)
    Dave Jackson – Vocals, Joe McKechnie – Guitar/drums, Becky Stringer – Bass, Robin Surtees – Guitar, plus others » More info
  15. Marlowe – Popularity Gel (21st July 2004)
    Simon (voc,gtr), Paul (bass), Rachel (violin), Aron(drms), Chloe (voc,keys,sax), Chris (trmpt), Claire (violin/keys), Clare (violin/viola/keys)
  16. The Wild Swans – No Bleeding (session) (25th July 1983. No intros)
    Gerald Quinn (keys) (ex Teardrop Explodes), Paul Simpson (voc) (ex Crucial Three, Shallow Madness, Teardrop Explodes, later Care, Living Legends, Skyray), Jeremy Kelly (gtr) (also Lotus Eaters, The Lovers, Psycamesh, Diamond Sutra, Care), Alan (bass) & Alan Wills (drms) (also played live for Send No Flowers). Their orig drummer, Justin Stavely (ex Chinese Religion, later Roulade) was sacked early on. Alan on bass was replaced by Rob McGibnty (later Woodentops) and Kelly replaced by Ian Broudie (later Lightning Seeds) » More info
  17. Freeze Frame – Touch (John Peel’s Music On BFBS 5th January 1983)
    Steve Byrne (voc), Ronnie Stone (gtr,keys), Mick Douglas (keys). By 1982 Mick had left and Godot members Martin Cooper (sax) andDave Hughes (keys) joined for live work. 1983-84 Clive Gee (perc,keys) (ex Afraid of Mice, The Press later Sleepwalkers, Strangeheart) joined before leaving Steve and Ronnie as a duo.
  18. Box Of Toys – When Daylight Is Over (session) (28th April 1983. No intros)
    Brian Atherton (voc,keys), Roy Campbell (bass,voc), Phil Martin (sax,keys,voc) (later Come in Tokio), Andy Redhead (drms,gtr) (ex Select Committee, later 3D).
  19. Kling Klang – Nexus (24th July 2001)
    Pete Smyth (gtr,voc) (later Mugstar), Dave Smyth (keys) (also of aPaTt), Joe Mcloaghlin (also of 20,000BC) (gtr,keys), Amy Corcoran (keys), Ali Mcdonald (drms).
  20. Blue Poland – Find Out (Why) (session) (4th May 1982)
    Chris Larsen (bass) (later Lawnmower, Beach Bastards), Mel Deeprose (voc), Neil Morgan (voc), Nigel Robinson (gtr), Steve Thomas (drms)
  21. Shiny Two Shiny – Waiting For Us (28th November 1983)
    Shiny Two Shiny was a cult duo who emerged during the exciting live scene in Liverpool in the early 1980s, playing at venues such as Erics alongside bands who would go on to become household names. Gayna Rose Madder (“Flo”) and Robin Surtees had recorded a Peel session with their previous band, A Formal Sigh. » More info
  22. Deaf School – What A Way To End It All (session) (30th December 1976)
    Steve Allen (voc) (aka Enrico Cadillac) (later Original Mirrors, Tremblers, Perils of Plastic), Clive Langer (aka Cliff Hanger) (later Big in Japan, Clive Langer & The Boxes), Bette Bright (voc) (later of Illuminations), Max Ripple, Tim Whittaker (drms) (later Lori & The Chameleons, Pink Military, Gale Force), Ian Richie (sax) (later Jane Aire & The Belvederes), Steve Lyndsey (bass) (later Big in Japan, Secrets, Planets). Paul Pilnick (gtr) (ex Stealers Wheel) played with Deaf School.
  23. End of show from 25th November 1982

» Download (71mb / 1hr 16mins)


I’ve had this cassette below for a number of years now. Can’t remember where it came from. As it says there are recordings of interviews and Peel Sessions with Come In Tokio and 3D A Fish In Sea. (On the other side are Peel Sessions by Echo & The Bunnymen, China Crisis and A Flock Of Seagulls). I tried once to transfer/convert but my hifi started to chew the tape, I never bothered since then.

But after having the idea for this podcast I decided to have another go. I bought a USB cassette player and this time succeeded. Here for you now then…

John Peel chats to Phil (brother of Pete) Wylie, lead singer of Come In Tokio and their Peel Session:

3D (A Fish In Sea) 1st Peel Session and interview with the drummer Fred Palethorpe:

I have discovered that @StevoMusicMan was the person who took the time to tape these segments and create the cassette. I am very pleased that this came into my possession and am able to publish it here. This is dedicated to you Steve.


– If you want to look up more about these bands, start with music…isms.

– Too late to include in the pod: Jules Verne (Peel Session 17th May 1992) – Ta very much @kmucs

– Also missing are the Poderosa Glee Boys (Peel Session 15th July 1981), who recently reunited.

– The last Liverpool band ever to record a session for John Peel, but sadly he never got to play it on his show. It did get an airing on a Rob Da Bank broadcast a couple of months later. » Ella Guru – Peel Session (15th December 2004)

6 thoughts on “Keeping It Peel Podcast – Lost Liverpool Bands

  1. Melanie Denning June 28, 2018 — 6:27 am

    I am Mel Deeprose from BluePoland, been contemplating a teunion with the guys for years… sadly Neil wont be there as he died suddenly a few years after our session, still think about him! I live in Hereford but still go up to Crosby a lot as mum lives there.

    1. Did you know John Talbot in Crosby?

  2. Hi there, interesting stuff. Found this site from reading up on Lee Mavers/La’s.
    I think I can add a band to your list of Liverpool (Merseyside?) Peel Sessions.
    Band called THE TRACTORS.
    I was a ‘Trailer-Sister’ (ie.backing vocals)
    Would’ve been circa 1986/87 when they did the Peel Session. I was away at college so was not present.
    THE TRACTORS were legendary in the St.Helen’s/ Rainhill/Liverpool area for having up to 25 members within a years or two of forming- bit like The La’s .
    Band played weird rambling ‘state of the nation’ type critiques set to music, composed by Andy Cave, lead singer.
    “SPUTNIK DAYS”, “AUTO-DA-FE” are two I recall. Also we did VU covers, of course..
    Andy Cave, Peter Ludden, Jeff Fitzhenry. Sadly one of the founding members, Jamie Flannery, died only a few years later of leukaemia. But most of them are still around.
    Hope that helps – if your project is a completist one.

    1. Yes hello. Thank you for that. How could I have forgotten the Tractors. Kicking myself for that one. I did remember them over on my other gig at Football and Music with another (John Peel related) podcast and included their outstanding track – Pat Nevin’s Eyes

  3. Don’t forget The Moderates. They did a great session circa ‘81, including a reggaefied cover of For What it’s Worth. Think post Deaf School art school vibe. It was on YouTube last time I looked.

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